What is the best to do list app?

L Vian A.
I honestly really like the Google Keep app. I can set reminders that show up in my Google calendar and appear on my phone, the UI is pretty good, and I can access it on desktop or mobile for free. Pretty good service!
Amaro E.
I use two different apps. The first one I use is Google Keep. It is easy to make check-lists on it, and the app is automatically updated on all my devices. The second app I use that I resently found is Trello. It is easy to make themed folder where you can have multiple list within one. You can also make check lists within one task etc. I have one themed folder called To do, and within it I have a list for today, week, general and it's own braindump list. It's then easy to move tasks to the different lists.
Phyllis O.
I am trying to use Notion now, because I found my to-do lists needed nesting, ordering, categories, and notes
Maxine E.
I’ve been successful with Qcards the most. Currently using the iPhone reminders app and it is working well
Sophia U.
I like to use Trello. It’s free and has many good features. 🙂
Vickie J.
I have never used an app. I have always hand written my to do’s. It helps my memory to write it.
Ezio E.
I use Wunderlist. It allows for tasks within tasks and you can invite others on tasks. It also allows prioritizing and having various lists, and it looks pretty. Microsoft ToDo is similar but a bit more basic than Wunderlist (I don't use it). Trello is also good, much more complex, and I use that for projects that are done in large groups over larger spans of time.
Agathe U.
I don't use an app for my To Do list. I use a special notebook just for that. I write down 2-3 things I need to accomplish then number them from most important to not so important
Alyssia E.
Wunderlist in my opinion, because it gives you a simple interface with enough categories and subtask options and automatically you can see your tasks based on due date and importance
Zaida Z.
Focus Matrix is useful, or for a gtd approach thinking rock. Or message me at @open2om on twitter and when my app is finished next year I’ll share it with you 😉
Tony Z.
I actually like handwritten to-do lists better. It's more of a direct reflection if you write your tasks by hand. Usually, to-do lists aren't very complex so they don't need an app to track. If I do want the convenience of an app for, say, a reminder tied to a location or time I use the built in app by Samsung; it has a headline, notes, task lists and basic reminder options. Don't go too complicated or you'll spend more time setting up your list than completing the tasks.
Clyde G.
I like the Carrot To-Do app. It’s filled with hilarious comments and has mini-games and other incentives to nudge you along to complete those tasks
Karen C.
I jave been using Todoist. I love the shortcuts, the widget and how easy it is to get your tasks organized using annotations that are parsed automatically.

Never seen a need to pay for premium thought.

Warren T.
I like wunderlist because it allows for categories & folders innumerable sub tasks & notes as well as some prioritization.

I only wish it would do more that just mark tasks as completed. Ideally is would represent that with dates laps time & some type of visualisation of how much you've accomplished per day, week or month. Linking that to journaling would be even better. But so far it's the best to do list app I've explored.

Curious to see what others are finding.

Tim Y.
A to do list with priority flag A,B,C….Also a list with time log is the best to do list for me. A to do list with dependency external or internal with duration and action by works best for me.
Hope it will helpful for you
Kurt E.
Wunderlist, because it can categorize then priritize your tasks based on the due date, and it has a friendly interface.
Shane T.
Any.do is thr best to do list app I have used so far. It has a clean and organized interface. The to do list is divided into multiple sections such as today, tommorow, upcoming, and someday. This feature is also the most I like about this app. I can view all the to dos in a single screen. It also has a calendar to view all the tasks you have added. So give a try! It's free but you can upgrade to premium for more features if you need those like adding tags or setting recurring task.
Georgia J.
Trello is what I use because I like to bulk my tasks by taking their urgency and importance into consideration. There are some board templates online that are designed specifically for personal use.
Hans Friedrich B.
The one that you end up using.
Sometimes a piece of paper could be the best, a notebook or a fancy app, though is not about the app but the discipline you put into it.
Kenneth S.
Pen and paper work the best for me, but if I use an app, I find that I just use Cortana. I have Microsoft Launcher on my Android phone, so I can just set a reminder for my To-Do, and it reminds me whether I am on my phone or my PC.
Jules P.
I quite like todoist, and the free version has great features so you don't need to upgrade to get good use of it. Projects, sub projects, todos, priorities, due dates with reminders… and calendar integration with gmail if that interests you
Villads W.
I actually find writing my to do list down in my physical planner is far better than any app. It solidifies the list for me in my mind. I also don't get distracted by other things on my phone when doing it or looking at it.
Ajuricaba P.
The best app is any app that you will actually use. My go to's are Habitica (RPG type if you need added motivation), Cozi, and My Life Organized (both of these have widgets so my to do list can be on my home screen. If you prefer paper I LOVE LOVE LOVE EVO!
Donald U.
It depends on the person. If you answer well to reminders, a simple app will do and almost any of them. If not, you need to look at more advanced ones.
Aubrey U.
I use an app called Procraster. I can set alarms and build multiple tasks for one project. It’s a bit involved to set up, but once it’s ready to use it is quick & easy to enter.
Heino Y.
The best app is pen and paper. I do enjoy holding a worn pad from notes. It reminds me of the work I put it, and to focus on getting more work done. But who am I kidding? I love everything digital. In my opinion, Google's Keep is the best. Works with Chrome. It's very simple with limited formatting. It has just enough to focus on the task without getting annoyed with useless features.
Laly S.
I think it's To-do-it. And time tune. Time tune is more like a school or college planner. But it works as to do planner too for me .
Janos G.
the best to do list app for me is Checkvist, because most of the commands are done thru the keyboard. i.e making lists , nested lists and so on .
Liane Z.
Keep Notes from Google, or using Habitica's to do list function.