What is a good remedy for weak nails?

Nicole R.
Dishwashing gloves. No nail polish. Do not go to salon DIY. But you have to do them yourself! Keep clean. Only file in one direction. Oils instead of lotions. Top and bottom coat.

Stefano F.
hmmm, many decades ago,many many decades ago …white iodine was recommended to me And I did have extraordinarily strong nails…you have to request it from your pharmacist and I have reason to believe it is still a simple matter and does not require a prescription. The best place to use it is around the nails where your skin meets your nails. If you have certain conditions in my late 60’s after 7 years of being dismissed a wise dermatologist referred me to an arthritic specialist to rule out psoriatic arthritis…easier said than done and in the end I use about 4 concoctions alternatively::
1) prescribed my dermatologist made by their compounding pharmacist and mailed to me;anti mail dystrophy sol CMPD, urea2% dexamethasone 0.05% apply 1-2 coats to affected nails at bedtime and let dry—it is not a nail polish type -just liquid.
2)MG217psoriasis a nice old fashioned less odorous 2% coal tar solution. Mail order from? Just google…
3) I noticed improvement after swimming in salted versus chlorine pool water so salt water soaks my be useful too.
My condition is difficult because it involves thick cuticle that do not exfoliate…by I have a question for you…do you ever notice swelling of skin at base of nail on finger and tingling after snipping, filing skin and nail without drawing blood? I do and assume it is a nerve ending disorder.

Thomas P.
I’m a man, so I couldn’t give you like a manicure routine😂. But essentially just don’t bite them should do the trick, only cut when absolutely necessary.

Lianne Z.
Massage your nails daily with mineral oil, coconut oil, or another moisturizing oil every evening before bed. Give the oils a few minutes to soak in. Wipe off any excess oils instead of using oil stripping soaps. Ideally, sleep in moisturizing gloves as well to protect your hands and nails while you sleep. I've had brittle nails that bend, break, and tear for years. This process has helped faster than anything else. In addition to this, increasing your biotin intake, within healthy limits for your body, will help strengthen new nail growth.

Ainslie G.
Have a good amount of Calcium in your body, and there are many different nail polishes that protect the nails. When my nails are weaker than normal I put the polish on to protect them while they strengthen.