What do you use to create your to-do list? ( e.g notebook, notepad , iPhone …๐Ÿ˜บ)

Ramona U.
I use both a calendar on my phone, and a spiral bound planner. Physically writing done my to-do list helps me stick to it and when I'm on the go and don't have my planner with me, my calendar serves as a good reminder. I set an alarm sometimes, also, for certain tasks. Otherwise, I may forget
Ava T.
I use a planner or notepad. Using an iPhone (or other electronic device) may distract you from the task at hand. So, I recommend that you use some type of paper, not an electronic device. But whatever works for you is great! Good luck! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Valdemar A.
Application on my phone. Eveything is written and grouped by today tomorrow upcoming and someday. So i check today and tomorrow and upcoming daily and move around the tasks. Weekly i check sometime and carry over tasks to upcoming.
Rosemarie U.
I have tried many things, but if you want to do a daily to do list that doesn't pile up into a mess after a few weeks, you should try blank index cards (no lines) pinned together with a small binder clip. You can carry it around, use front and back, and toss them when they are used up.
Sabri Y.
I use the Evernote app when Iโ€™m โ€œon the goโ€ but normally use a notebook when home or at my office. My notebook is formulated specifically to help me identify priorities based on what my top 3 projects that I need to make progress on are, who I need to reach out to, and who I need to hear back from (so I can follow up).
Reinhart O.
I like to handwrite a list because writing helps something stick in my mind better so i usually use a planner or notebook.
Yolanda E.
I write my to do list in my journal after I reflect on my day. I write my to do in the evening to anticipate the next day. Having the to do list in the journal allows me to reflect on what I accomplished that day and figure out what I want to tackle the next day.
Hazel F.
I use a cheap a5 old notepad that I had lying around. Itโ€™s small enough to carry around, but losing it (which Iโ€™m highly likely to do!) isnโ€™t a big loss since I can write my lists on pretty much anything!
Signe W.
I use an agenda book, whiteboard calendar, and my phone. Iโ€™m very forgetful so having my daily, weekly, and monthly to dos in different places helps me remember!
Jeanette U.
I use Excel. Start from my ultimate goal of 90days from now. Break it down to monthly which is 30days plan. Then weekly and daily. Put them in my calendar . Each goal 90days or 30days has monetary goal that I want to achieve
Larry E.
Actually I use a notebook cuz for me is better than using a phone … I like to write with my pen and use colors I feel more comfortable with๐Ÿ“’โœ’
Diane E.
Trello. Itโ€™s an app that lets you create a card for each task and manage them in a kanban board. Itโ€™s free and easy to use.