What do you eat for breakfast to be more energetic?

Nicky I.
I mix every fruit, fruit juice, yogurt I can find in fridge plus gogi,acai,flax and superfood powdered blends a boost protein shake,ice and peanut butter in the ninja a drink full pitcher by lunch.
Here Tza N.
Well what I eat for breakfast depends mostly on what I have at home. For example I would mostly go for scrambled eggs with loads of onions and fresh garlic and some toast with tea or natural juice. I would go for a banana when I don’t feel like eating a heavy meal and it would boost my energy.
Gracie O.
I try to eat a balanced breakfast, which can consist of protein, fiber, grains and dairy. A simple breakfast I would make would be an egg, toast, and fruit. To make it more interesting I put a fried egg on one half of the toast and jelly on the other. Another breakfast I eat is a bowl of plain yogurt with honey, oats and berries. Eating a balanced breakfast makes me feel more energetic.
Gisa G.
I love eating sunny side up eggs on toast, some yogurt and fruit, and a cup of milk or tea. It really sets my mood for the day because I love eggs so much. On days when I’m very lazy, I eat a bowl of cereal or oatmeal, and eating enough gets me very energized as well. Make sure your cereal is a good one though, many are full of sugar! As for oatmeal, you can make it fun and add some fruits and honey 🙂
Gregory E.
I try to have fruit or oats for breakfast, that gives me the most energy. I'll typically start with some tea then eat as light as I can
Afshana C.
Two days a week I have bread butter, egg poach, juice. Another Two days I have cornflakes or muesli with fruits and milk, remaining days I have roti and sabji and egg and tea. And on Sunday I have paratha with sabji and tea.
Liew X.
I’d normally have my supplements first thing in the morning followed with protein shake , or fruits smoothie with chia seeds, honey, rolled oats, flax seeds, or granola with nuts and chocolate milk 🙂
Katri Y.
I like to eat very light foods becasue I feel sick if I eat a huge brekfest except at a hotel wink wink but anyways I like to eat fruit anything we have. Then usually half a glass of juice for vitamins and I fill up a water bottle for the morning. I also like to eat weetabix cereal and usually I make a fruit salad.
Baptist E.
Find something that motivates you to move. It’s good that once you start moving you find it easier but you need to make it easier in yourself to get there. Maybe there’s this one song that just makes you want to get up and dance, if so, PLAY IT! You could even set a alarm on your phone that reminds you to get up. When it goes off go for a little walk and after, reward yourself. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy but you have to try.
Eliott Z.
Since I live in the Philippines, Rice is an essential part of a meal, rice contains carbohydrates which help boost energy in your body.