What are your quick go-to breakfast options? Bonus points for ones that are suitable for toddlers too! 😂

Nicklas E.
I love making a batch of baked oatmeal for the week or to share! Any form of oats – quick oatmeal, overnight oats, and energy bites – as well as pre-packaged smoothies if I’m not too hungry. I also have a few smoothie powders I can just mix with a banana & PB for less sugar.
Imani Q.
I eat applesauce, granola bars (nature valley is the best), quick pancakes in a bag one minute ready to go I get em from Walmart. They have mimis and bigger ones
Sarah R.
I often go for a breakfast/protein bar when I'm in a rush. If I have time, I might go for a yogurt parfait, cereal, eggs, avacado toast, bread or a combination of some.
Alma E.
I guess just grab a fruit or something or get something from the gas station. I’m not a parent myself so I don’t really know about breakfast for toddlers but I do have a cousin that is a toddler and he usually likes cut up fruit as a breakfast.
Tarika J.
I usually eat a toasted sandwich with a fried egg, some cucumbers, whatever I can add to the egg to add some flavors, and some instant coffee.
Heinz Werner G.
Oatmeal with frozen blueberries (they're handy). I can't do gluten so I make a bunch of gluten-free waffles or pancakes and toast them the next few days. Homemade eggos. And eggs, always eggs. Peanut butter, oatmilk, banana is one of my kid's favs. I don't tell him I toss in little bit if pumpkin seed powder.
Claar O.
I usually eat cereals with fruit or porridge with honey and/or fruit for breakfast. Sometimes I eat toast with avocado. Porridge would also be suitable for toddlers I think. I would do with some fruit or crunchy topping then. Bread is also very good, but I don’t know if toasted bread is just as good. I hope this helps…
Dina F.
I mostly have eggs on toast with a coffee because I don't like cereals or toast with jams or other spreads so that's what I normally have
Erin E.
Quick go-to breakfasts are things such as eggs, yogurt and fruit, smoothies, and cheese or cereal. I don’t know toddler-suitable foods, sorry.
Marija Q.
Idk,something like fruin(apple/banana)is like fast,but i more like to enjoy my breakfast,so,avocado toasts are one of my faves
Ramona E.
I believe cereal and fruit are the quickest options. Unless I have some pancakes premade I put a piece of turkey in it and roll it up.
Florin E.
A really big bowl of oatmeal made at microwave with nut milk low fat, frozen fruits microwaved for 30 seconds to a minute and a lot of cinnamon. For myself I add 0 calories sweetener too
H Lvio W.
Although I usually take time on preparing a full breakfast. For those busy days my favorite easy option are wraps, they are extremely easy to prepare, can be a fun way for your 3+ toddler play with flavours as you can give the options of fillinga for them to choose from themselves. And can also be prepared the night before. I'd put some options like greens such as spinach or even lettuce, cheese, mango, avocado, some meaty product such a ham or turkey, anything you have in hand, and let them chose what to put in.
Bethel N.
When I go to school first thing I always do the morning is going to the cafeteria and eat breakfast to get ready for my day
Zelita P.
Porridge Oats made with milk, cinnamon, honey/ jam for flavour, a banana (half mixed in the porridge half raw), and finally a small handful of cereal if I feel like it on the day
Graciliana Y.
For breakfast I eat some fruit or fruit with hot chocolate. For children Banana with hot chocolate Is a Hood breakfast because it's genuine and energized.
Enzo E.
maggi is my go-to breakfast . with real spiciness,and soft noodles . this is very easy to make , it just takes 2 minute 🙂
Anu F.
I just googled and it seems that toddlers can also have my breakfast which is….. Eggs!

But i don't think they can have the exact way I eat them because I eat them raw to retain all its vitamins which is lost when it's cooked. Egg has all the essentials your body needs. And you are allowed upto 6 eggs day I believe including the yolk. You can go more if you get rid of the yolk. And even more if you are able to burn it off daily using exercise.

Rasmus B.
i like to prepare beforehand. such as breakfast muffins, bars, overnight oats etc. you get the point. if I haven't had the time or simply the mental strength, I'll just grab a handful of nuts and a fruit. I don't have kids of my own, so I'm not so bright on that part. maybe you'll get some ideas from the stuff above. hope this helps! good luck on you journey, you're strong
Irma R.
I always go for scrambled eggs and oats with milk.
full of fibers, protein and vitamins. and they're very very quick to make
Shayna X.
I love oatmeal cooked in almond milk with my no grain granola, yogurt or peanut butter for protein and fruit or maybe some maple syrup/stevia for added sweetness. Healthy and hearty!
Sylvia P.
Oatmeal with fruit, cottage cheese with fruit (pineapple is amazing), eggs over rice, eggs & toast, handful of almonds & some fruit
Boris C.
Porridge/oatmeal. I avoid flavoured varieties as they contain a lot of sugar, though unflavoured it might be a bit bland. I don't have children but when I was that age, I had fruit and low sugar breakfast cereals (e.g. Weetabix) with milk.
Mikkel G.
Nut butters a good source of healthy fats, protein and easy to include in different forms – on bread, in breakfast beverages, or by itself on a spoon. Obviously, not a good choice for those with a nut allergy.
Kelya E.
I get up very early in the mornings and I devote most of my time to work before I go to school. That's why I developed different options. For example, I divide the months into two and consume protein bars that I can consume quickly in half. the other half, I reserve an easy salad that will not take even 5 minutes from the vegetables at home. If things still don't work out (some days don't go as planned) I eat eggs to keep me full and leave. I have one last suggestion, if you try to eat cheese with some green peppers, you can be sure that it is a very easy but very tasty recipe. You can try it with feta cheese. I hope I helped, have a nice day
Janice P.
Pancakes, fruit salads , and for toddlers probably healthy sandwiches, healthy pancakes or waffles with some fruit or cooked eggs
Frederikke U.
Keeper of the Lost Cities. Really- try reading the entire series it’s SO good and you’ll get addicted to this clean, riveting fantasy series!
Aoife F.
Instant porridge oats with added protein topped with frozen fruit and a drizzle of honey. Add boiling water to oats and stir in frozen raspberries .microwave on high for 30 seconds or 1 minute to make sure fruit is defrosted. 😀
Kylene P.
If I didn’t have time to prep much it’s a sliced banana over cereal. That’s was my breakfast almost every morning in elementary school. When I do have time to make something before the week, it’s really easy to make a chocolate breakfast mousse with tapioca flour. I used to have a recipe that didn’t require using the stove. It made 4 cups, so I would let it set in four 1-cup containers and pull them out of the fridge or freezer throughout the week as needed.
Soan Y.
I do yogurt most of the time and a fruit ,,,Banans,apples ,oranges , watermelon because thoes are the options reliable and affordable for me
If I don't have money for yogurt ,,tea and biscuits do ,mandazi ,chapati , pancakes mostly on the weekends
My favourite bread and ovacados with
I think a toddler can have the same as well
Feel free to try it out 😊
Lieschen Z.
Well i think its sandwich but make it cute and have you ever tried a rice cooker recipe you just put some toppings on it and seasonings.
Cathy O.
I find that a quick protein bar is great for the mornings! You just grab one from your pantry then go! It takes very little effort and is great for those busy work or school days. I myself have never had a child more specifically a toddler but I do know that oatmeal is always a good choice. The best kind is the kind you heat up in a microwave or use hot water in a bowl. Oatmeal has a great source of protein and is delicious!
Elvira T.
What I eat most mornings that could be considered yummy for adults and kids alike, is vanilla yogurt, mixed with fruit or oatmeal bits – nothing fancy, but with vanilla yogurt, you can mix blueberries, strawberries, bananas, raspberries, which had natural sugar kids would love – and for a nutty taste, add oats of your choice – my personal favorite is honey oats and bananas or blueberries.

If you// you have kids who are lactose intolerant but still wish to have a mutinous breakfast, try some mashed avocado or scrambled eggs, or even something as simple as half a slice of toast with apple slices

Noel X.
Frozen waffles! Lol. Or I try to do premade yogurt parfaits. I get little glass jars and put my yogurt and fruit in and then I have my granola pre portioned out for it.
Jasmine O.
My go to breakfast is a traditional indian plain parantha when i find myself in a situation where I can’t make breakfast for myself or scrambled eggs with toast and coffee or tea
Laurete Z.
Normally I like to drink a protein shakes and have protein bars
Fro toddlers cut up some fruits and maybe add some dry cereal
Paul Q.
Well, breakfast has been a persistent problem for me since I wouldn't rlly eat anything as soon as I woke up. Now I'm eating a low fat yogurt with cereals and a banana and it's perfect for the morning
Jane I.
I am 15 years old and my go-to breakfast is yogurt (I am in love with peach yogurt) however is your toddler doesn’t like yogurt then gummy snack and apple is pretty good that’s what my sister eats when we are in a hurry.
Jesus P.
Well, the quickest breakfast would probably be energy bars, especially Belvita bars, but MY go to breakfast would be toast and or scrambled eggs or an omelette :)! Eggs are actually really good for toddlers, too:)! Fruit is always good too:)! Have a nice day:)!
Noah F.
I like to have porridge oats with blueberries on top and also 4 tablespoons of honey you can also add peanut butter if you want but most people don’t like peanut butter so it’s up to you
Echo O.
I usually go with protein / nut bars and sometimes take a pot of fruit (A banana could work for a toddler) or possibly a pot of dried cereal to eat on-the-go. I’ve also seen some products online such as ‘The Crunch Cup’ for when you want to eat your cereal on-the-go, milk and all.
Emilie Z.
Overnight oats are a great option for a fast breakfast. Add your toddlers favorit fruts, nutbuttera, nuts or even cocao powder. Perhaps have them be your little helpers and mixing it together and deciding what they want on their oats.
Judith W.
A smoothly is a wonderful breakfast. A green smoothie can add vegetables to your morning routine. A toddler might even enjoy making his own version. Helping peel the bananas would even get him involved in the preparation.
Carola F.
usually the basics put together because it's always fun! this can be like a waffle sandwhich with eggs, sausage, bacon, etc. or somedays I'll go with something like a chicken salad or a poke bowl. remember that what you eat is important, the timing, the quantity, and most importantly that you are happy! 🌼✨
Kasper C.
Eggs plus fruit, sometimes also some flour, salt, and baking powder (although less of that than normal by a massive margin). Scrabble or make a “pancake” that’s closer to an omelette in actual ingredients.
Aaron R.
My preference would be fruits, mostly apple. If that's not available, I have some egg, boiled or as an omelet. I have this along with some tea.
Mari Ngela N.
I love smoothies and i love eggs so i bake some eggs and make a banana smoothie or I do something creme consistency
Pasquale U.
I treat them as chances to reflect and experiment. They aren't failure days. They're a time where you can figure out what you need to change to accomplish your goals in the future and move on.
Kl Ra U.
Fruit and vegetables smoothie ( carrots, orange , apple , some berries , spinach, ect.) , Yoghurt with fruits and nuts or egg waffles ( put eggs ham and cheese in waffle maker and bake it )
Lila N.
I don’t usually eat breakfast… but when I do, I just grab a banana, a smoothie I made the day before, etc. There is also a nutritional power called “breakfast essentials” that is a mix. You mix it with milk and it tastes like chocolate milk, strawberry milk, or whatever flavor you get. It’s nice when ur “on the go” without time to eat.
Norah F.
My breakfast includes a toast (with darker bread) and some butter and cheese. With my toast I eat some fruit, depending on the season. Sometimes half a melon, or strawberry’s or grapes. And with that I drink 2 glass of water.
Periwinkle F.
Toast bread with butter and jam are my go-to breakfast options when I'm running late or when i do not have a lot of time to make a big breakfast.
Willias Q.
Oatmeal, eggs, omelet, waffles, pancakes, cereal, fruit, granola, yogurt, hash, scrambles, biscuits and gravy, breakfast borrito, omelet.
Jason O.
Myself have always liked maple syrup and brown sugar oatmeal as my girls did as well. Also became real big fans of brown buttered eggs. The eggs are easy you just have to splash the eggs with browned butter to cook the top of eggs with no flipping them. Delicious
Melissa N.
Porridge with honey and fruit thrown in, alternatively yoghurt with fruit thrown in. I’ve also just brought a bag of frozen avocado (game changer) get a small handful out when you wake up, only takes 30/40mins to fully thaw, I’m really enjoying avocado and scrambled egg on a bagel thin! I mush the avocado so it’s a spread.
Kasi A.
My go to meals especially breakfast is French toast or 2 slices of bread and a fried egg with a combination of one whole cucumber.
Dalexcia Y.
A quick go-to breakfast I like to have readily available are fresh fruit. Having a couple of blueberries, raspberries and cherries on hand is great for light and quick breakfast options. It takes weekly grocery shopping but it’s totally worth it knowing that you are having fresh quality in your fridge. Another 5 minute breakfast option if you like hot food is warming a croissant with an egg to keep you full and warm until lunchtime. I’m sure kids will enjoy it too!
Jo X.
Muffins! And if that fails, you can’t go wrong with some breakfast cookies. Though if you’re going for more healthy, scrambled eggs with a bagel is by far my favorite breakfast of all time.
Ellie N.
I love granola bars and bananas! They are quick to grab and go and keep my fueled. If I have a little extra time I love to make smoothies too which work for toddlers! Also oatmeal with fruit would be good for them too! 👍
Cl Udia Q.
i love eating toast with peanut butter on it! if i have more time i’ll put an egg on it instead. i also like eating fruit and if i’m really in a rush i’ll just grab a breakfast bar to go 🙂
Alien S.
Hm well I do not have a toddler due to I am in fact 16 but I do have cousins I have taken care of since they were born and I have to say they all love it when I bring pop tarts or pancakes I made the night before so we all can have a nice breakfast before school
Elaina N.
my breakfast varies. i love bagels with cream cheese and berries(blueberry or strawberry). i always have milk, but sometimes juice. occasionally i will have pancakes or waffles, also with fruit. i also love having cereal topped with fruit. my breakfast generally tends to vary so this probably wasn’t super helpful. but on the go i like to have nature valley crunchy bars, they are filling without being unhealthy, like a donut.
Trevor Z.
I usually cook eggs, a diced potatoe, and sausage then add strawberries but if I'm trying not to cook then I eat a banana. Overnight oats are great too if you make the time to make it before bed, you can put frozen fruit in it and it will be thawed by morning time.
Heather C.
My grandson is two. And we both enjoy oatmeal topped with an assortment of berries. I cut the berries to prevent choking. If we don’t have berries cinnamon and honey is also wonderful.
Noame N.
My favourite breakfast ever is oat flakes (40g) with one banana and peanutbutter (20g). Then milk (200g) and cinnamon. All boiled. Deliciouse!!!!
Molly G.
Oatmeal with cinnamon apple, a smoothie or eggs, sweet potato, kale and avocado. Oh, and of course always a cappuccino:)
Paige O.
At the moment I've been eating an apple every morning because I haven't had a chance to shop again. I have traditionally enjoyed a yoghurt. I'm watching my calories and Kroger has a large variety of low carb flavored yogurts that I really like as a grab and go option.
Vera X.
I really like a croissant but so do do some extra things with it. Firstly, I almost fully split it in half horizontally – leaving a bit connected though. Then I add butter in the middle and spread it around the inside. Drizzle on some honey at the top of the croissant and microwave for 30 seconds and there you have it. It’s much yummier than a normal croissant! Unfortunately I don’t have any tips for toddlers 🙁
Grete U.
Toddlers are tuff customers for food 🤣 here they are a bit older than toddlers, 5 n 7. I go with eggs, potatoes, and pulled meat or sausage, I add some fruit or cucumber, carrots and tomatoes bcs they like and they are a nutritional plus to quick their day.
Wendy Q.
I would recommend banana pancakes!!
1 banana
1 tbsp sunflower oil, plus extra to oil the pan
1 tsp lemon juice
½ tsp ground cinnamon
100g plain flour
½ tsp baking powder
250ml soya milk
maple syrup and fruit to serve

1. In a mixing bowl, mash the banana with a fork and whisk in the oil, lemon juice and cinnamon. Add the flour and baking powder. Stir while gradually adding the soya milk. The batter will take on the consistency of yogurt.
2. Place a frying pan on a medium heat. Oil it using a little sunflower oil on a scrunched piece of kitchen towel. Drop tablespoonfuls of batter onto the pan and swirl so it spreads across the surface. When bubbles pop and the glossiness of the pancake becomes matte (about two minutes), flip over. Cook for a further couple of minutes.
3. Place the finished pancakes on a plate. Repeat the process until the batter is used up. Serve hot with maple syrup.

Bethel N.
Avocado Toast without egg because in this country have a egg disease but the good thing is with avocado is healthy and simple.
Gary O.
Sliced apples with almond butter
Veggie frittatas
Chia pudding with honey or maple syrup and fruit
Fresh whole grain toast with fruit
Spinach protein shake
Cheese waffles
Scrambled eggs with veggies
Pears with cheese and nuts
Quinoa with veggies or fruit
Fresh fruit juice from juicer
Toast with banana almond butter honey and nuts
Lilly Q.
I have toddlers too! Here are a few of my go to's:

Smoothies (I use frozen berries, oats, and spinach)

Yogurt parfait

Scrambled eggs with food coloring (fun for the kids)

Oatmeal packets (yes there is sugar, but it's better than cereal!)

Banana or blueberry muffins (I just buy the box mix and use for breakfasts and snacks)

Taylor Z.
Yogurt with granola, an orange and banana, protein shake. As far as for a toddler I’d say yogurt without the granola. Maybe a banana chopped up
Nikki F.
Banana, applesauce, oatmeal or overnight oats, avocado toast, pb&j, apple and peanut butter, anything I can eat with my fingers so my brain thinks it’s a snack,
Roberta Y.
I love Noosa yogurt smoothies! They are so filling and yummy. I also love a bagel with strawberry cream cheese. Eggs are super fast to make and filling, and so good for you! I like to have some berries in the fridge to snack on if I'm not too hungry in the morning. I also recommend overnight oats. So yummy and filling so you don't get the munchies.
Philip Z.
Hard boiled eggs cut into pieces on a tosted piece of whole grain bread with some fruit and a glass of milk or orange juice never disappoints.
Mihaela N.
Oatmeal mostly, it’s the quickest, easiest and you have so many variations of it. When I want something savory I often boil eggs and eat them with toast.
Paul Z.
I don't eat breakfast due to intermittent fasting
I tend to have soup with brown bread and fruit for lunch when my fasting window ends
Media M.
I’ll prepare my breakfast in the middle of my other books for example while I’m going to the bathroom I turn on the tea maker
Lila T.
Overnight oats or chia pudding, grab out of the fridge and throw fruit and/or granola on top!! If I don’t prep anything I throw a bagel in the toaster while I get ready and eat it as I head out the door (that’s probably less nutritious though).
Ellie Z.
Greek yogurt with granola and fruit (you can pre-cut the fruit to save time or used dried fruit) or toast with a nut butter and chia seeds.
Blake O.
Granola with chia seeds and goji berries! This takes only a few minutes to whip up if you don't make it all from scratch.
Annabelle Z.
Normally, the quick go-to breakfast options for me are:
1. Cereal
2. Fruit of some kind
3. Toast
4. Sometimes porridge
5. A breakfast bar if I am not too hungery and are in a rush
For toddlers I would recommend something that is easy for them to eat like a banana or porridge as this doesn't require much chewing. Hope this helps
Liz X.
Eggs eggs eggs! I have them fried on toast, boil them and keep them cold in the fridge and have egg mayo on toast, and they keep me full for ages
Megan E.
I like to bake, so for me a good homemade cake that contains all the ingredients that I need! Whole grain flour to slow down sugar absorption, almond flour and peanut butter for proteins and healthy fat and little or no sugar at all! When I am in a hurry I can just cut a piece of my homemade cake to have an amazing breakfast.
Josephine E.
I really like bagels and cream cheese with fruit. I especially love cinnamon raisin bagels. I mix a little bit of cinnamon sugar into some cream cheese then cut up some apple slices and spiral them around the top like a flower. Prepping the cream cheese and apple slices ahead of time might make this a quick and fun breakfast option. You could also try overnight oats, healthy cereals, trail mix with nuts and berries, fruit and veggie smoothies/bowls, etc
Mariane F.
For breakfast I usually go for cerial with chocolate pudding, it's pretty unhealthy and all but it's tasty and just enough for me in the morning.
Eclipse N.
I don’t know where you live or if you have a Costco membership, but they have these huge muffins that are even better if you warm them up for 25 seconds in the microwave.
Aside from Costco muffins, anything that’s healthy that’ll give you a burst of energy and let you enjoy your first meal of the day. Try cutting up some fruit for you and the kiddos.
Michaela F.
The best option for me is Green Dal Sprouts along with Chickpeas sprouts with a little onion slices and lemon! Not only are these unprocessed and tasty, but these are high in protein! This means that they keep you full for a good time and provide with many essential nutrients.
This has been my go-to breakfast for the past 6 months and I am grateful that I took this decision.
Other options that you can try are vegetable sandwiches or a fruit salad… You should always try to have something which is unprocessed and tasty. Only in this way you can ensure to stick to this habit in the long run. Also try to include somthing rich in protein as it will keep you full for a long time.
Hope it helps!🌟
Michelle E.
One easy breakfast is scrambled eggs with toast, has protein and satisfy the want for bread. Also a bit of carbs in the morning is good for energy. Another thing is have pre made foods ready to just reheat to make your life easier. I like to make pancakes or French toast in advance to heat up for breakfast. Makes mornings easier. Hope this helps.
Minette I.
Muesli and yogurt
If I am in a real hurry and it is very early and I am not hungry yet, I will drink a meal supplement like Ensure and eat something a bit later.
Javier R.
Mix oats with milk, (i use two different ones – normal and coconut/almond milk) acacia honey, cinnamon and put it in the microwave for 2 min. Add topics you like after, like nuts, berries or eggs, avocado etc. takes like 5-10min. If you want it quicker, drink a protein shake.
Moona N.
Well i think that bananas, mandarin or a sandwich is a good quick go-to breakfest options. You only need to do the sandwich the day before!!
Kimberly O.
Well, I would say fruit or maybe a nut/protein/fiber bar. For toddlers, how about some applesauce? I don’t know, I’m only 11 so…
Adam E.
Lately I have been getting a craving for yogurt and something I LOVE to make for breakfast now is vanilla yogurt mixed with a fresh fruit! I love or have blueberry yogurt which is really good! Strawberry is also one of my faves! There are some other flavors I haven’t tried yet which I sure would be DELICIOUS!! Such as cherry, raspberry, banana, and peach! Plus, this is something perfect and healthy for toddlers 😁
(And add some fresh squeezed oranges to top it off and that is total WIN for yummy healthy breakfast! 😉)
Destiny N.
My lovely go to breakfast when I have all the ingredients is scrambled or Fried eggs, toasted bread or bagel, whole avocado mixed with spices to spread on toast, and sort meat substitute if no meat like pepperoni or bologna. Like an egg sandwich basically
Chester X.
Hard boiled egg, scoop of unsalted cashews, scoop of berries (blue and black are easiest)


Plain cheerios, scoop of berries, sliced up half banana, drizzle tbsps of peanut butter over top

Laurenz Y.
Good morning, I usually go for some fruits, like bananas. But it really depends on the time i have in the morning, could also be oatmeal (without sugar) or something similar.
Have a nice day! 😄
Heiner G.
Well, scrambled eggs is always super easy, peanut butter and jam sandwich is great to pack and run and smoothies are my favourite go to and might be a nice one for the toddlers since you can fill it with a bunch of healthy stuff and it still tastes good! You can throw in avocado, banana, almond milk, Greek yogurt, kale, peach and honey in the blender and voila! I always feel full and that way they get a bunch of nutrients + eat their fruits and veggies! 🙂
Isabelle U.
As I am still in school, I have a quick breakfast which is usually cereal, toast or porridge. I also try and fit in my first fruit of the day with breakfast and a large glass of water or milk.
Stephanie Y.
Scrambled eggs mixed with egg whites, I also make waffles or pancakes on weekends enough for the week and is a quick option for my preschooler. I have been doing that since he was a toddler. he also loves his baby cereal! Also I cut mushrooms and green onions ahead of time and just have to sautée those before the scrambled eggs. That cuts down in time on a week day morning. I hope this helps!
Charity P.
I have a bag of salad. I just pour the salad in a bowl and there you go. I also like to have peanut butter on toast and eat an apple with it. Oatmeal isn't so bad either.
Gurleen X.
Not gonna lie, it’s cereal (usually sweet like Fruit Loops or Lucky Charms). Or if I’m running late (especially since I moved into my apartment), I would just grab a granola bar (very sugary; definitely not fulfilling) and my sister would throw a Chobani yogurt smoothie at me on my way out. Not the healthiest options. But, I’m trying to change that.
Lola Z.
Egg Muffins. Get a muffin tin, add 1 egg to each, a bit of seasoning and then your favorites (such as bacon, spinach, tomato). Easy to do with pancake mix as well! 1 tin is 12 muffins so that helps with the next day as well.
Esther Q.
Some of my go-to breakfast options are cereal, a cup of tea with a piece of toast, a bowl of yogurt with some fruits on top, and avocado toast.
Ethan B.
My quick go-to breakfast typically consists of plain, instant oatmeal prepared with ultrafiltered skim milk. Then a dash of pure maple syrup, cinnamon, and either fresh or frozen for sweetness.
Maelya C.
Any kind of fruit, yogart, cereal, bread with any kind of jam. Anything that is easy for you and your kid is a great start. Once you start noticing what you and your kid like you can start getting into harder recipes
Brook X.
My quick go-to breakfast options can either be eggs, or maybe just a protein bar with a shake/smoothie. or either something that’s filling.
and for toddlers it can be a little snack and a small smoothie too!
Gabin Z.
1- peanut butter toast with strawberry or banana slices

2- soft feta cheese spread on toast topped with tomato slices, walnuts and parsley

For making them even more nutritious chia seeds and flaxseeds can be added

Vera F.
A quick spread on peace of bread. It is easy to make even when making somwthing last minute. The bread will keep you feeling content and the spread adds the flavor.
Sraavya C.
It’s usually bread and Nutella. This is because it’s easy to make, doesn’t take a lot of time, and it’s delicious! Definitely not the healthiest option, but when you have somewhere to be, bread and Nutella is a great option!
Stacy U.
Hm, I would say toast and egg pretty cliche but it works, unless people don’t like egg. Honestly you could jus grab some bread toast it and out whatever for your liking.
Thomas E.
I like to make eggs , and honestly, it is good choice for kids as well, weather hard boiled, or dipping style,with a piece of bread…
Loan Q.
Oatmeal with fruits, 2 boiled eggs and a glass of milk or coffee if you're on the go, an ommlette sandwich, or cereal (any kind is good as long as it fills you up)
Siegrid T.
2 granola bars and a banana are always a good option. I like brown sugar cinnamon oatmeal in the morning but that takes some time to prepare. Another option is a protein shake that you can sip on the go.
Barry R.
A quick little breakfast for people and for the little ones is maybe a smoothie! These are really good and they fill little ones up too😊
Aya N.
A quick breakfast is like eggs with some cheese and juice, it might be some oatmeal with milk, it might be an apple with cinnamon. Here are various options and I know about them.
Alejandro V.
I prefer options like eggs, for example: scramble eggs with avocado, cherry tomatoes, onion and coriander – yogurt with banana and cherries – arepas with cheese and eggs
Sonia O.
Personally I usually do not eat breakfast but since I downloaded this app. I am continuous even if it is not a lot. A start is still a start. I go for something that will fill me up until lunch because of school timings. I would recommend any protein bars and a healthy juice/smoothie/shake that you have 🙂
Student F.
i usually eat a granola bar on my way to the bus stop. another option is whatever fruit i see in the fridge (strawberries, cantaloupe, etc..) which makes me feel energized for the day!
Eugene X.
Ummm an omelet with mushrooms and onions is my favorite go-to breakfast because it’s so easy to make and absolutely delicious!
Clarence J.
Boiled eggs, vegetable, or fruit. It’s easy to prepare the eggs ahead of time and even peel them so it’s easy to grab them in the morning. I usually have my fruit and veggies in a smoothie. Toddlers may like the smoothie too but if not dicing fruits, veggies, and boiled eggs will work also.
Dositeu P.
I personally like fruits with Yoghurt and oat’s , very delicious and easy to make , it’s good wen u go to school or work because it makes u really Full with out making u bloated ,and u can stay without eating for hours 🙂
Fernando S.
I do a plain Greek yougurt with blueberry and crunchy granola with a banana on the side but for a toddler you could blend it and make a fun smoothie ✌️☺️
Layla N.
Usually when I'm too busy to prepare stuff, I just make a cup of Milo/powdered milk. But when I have time, I prepare a bowl of porridge and an apple and if I'm feeling good, I have a cuppa tea to go along with it!
Ronnie N.
It feels good it can helps you relax and get things off ya chest that when you have no one to talk too you can just write how you feel about things
Marcus N.
Oatmeal is quick and easy! If you don’t like it plain, you can mix up toppings like berries, a drizzle of maple syrup or honey, bananas, etc! Avocado toast is also fast and nutritious, plus versatile as you can add veg like cherry tomatoes and/or arugula, maybe some goat cheese and a balsamic glaze drizzle – or you can add a slice of prosciutto or if you have the time, an over easy egg and use the yolk as dip. 🙂
Crista A.
I make a simple breakfast sandwich. Toast a English muffin, pop an egg in the microwave, add fat free slice cheese and a slice of low sodium deli ham
Tristyn Y.
Oatmeal with fresh strawberries, bananas, or blueberries are quick in the morning. Toast with eggs or substitute the eggs with fruit, homemade egg sandwiches.
Nivaldo Q.
Oatmeal with apples and cinnamon & a sprinkle of ginger, topped with a dollop of peanut butter is my favorite breakfast – it keeps me full in the morning and gets me ready for the day
Naomi F.
I usually buy Carnation breakfast shakes so that I get lots of nutrients and vitamins for my day. They also taste yummy. You could call it chocolate milk. Or I have granola and an orange, filling, and healthy
Jarel Z.
Greek or vanilla yogurt with starwberries and blueberries
Egg sausage sandwich
Slice of bread with peanut butter and coffee
Alena E.
As of right now granola bars. I mean yogurt is also a go to, it’s even better if you add what you like into it. But if I’m in a real hurry fruit and nuts.
Sarah Z.
Probably a healthy oat and fruit smoothie or even a parfait, both of which are really good for you because they are packed full of fiber, vitamins, and some protein, which you get from oats.
Yesenia L.
Well I don’t have babies… but what’s been good for me are overnighting oats. Then i’ll just boil eggs from the previous night.
Jeryka O.
English muffins with peanut butter and jelly or yogurt with granola and fruit and a juice or smoothie or oatmeal with fruits and nuts and sometimes just fresh fruits and source’s of protein. A smoothie is quick and you can add pretty much anything you need necessary for full nutrition while still being yummy enough for kids to like
Valentine Q.
With yogurt, fruit, and carbohydrates, overnight oats are a nutritious toddler breakfast that are so easy to make ahead. Plus, they are usually nice and thick, which makes them easier for toddlers to eat with a spoon. (We also regularly pack overnight oats in our toddler lunches.)
Clifton R.
Bruschettas! Definitely my favorite option for a quick and delicious breakfast. You can make them with anything, personally I like to make them with avocado, origano and olive oil. Try it!
Florestana Z.
Porridge with peanut butter, cereal bars, fruit, yogurt with granola – you can put a handful of granola in the pot if yogurt and save washing up a bowl!
Ugo F.
In my country, breakfast is really lighter meal than lunch. Normally we eat bread and something with it. For example maybe we eat bread cheese and walnuts, bread butter and jar or honey, the butter can replace with light cream, and chocolate cream or honey creams are choices too. I should add that we have tea in our breakfast everyday.
Isabella Z.
Hi… If you know that you have ready breakfast delicious options… You will jump into that… 🤭 just like your favorite fruits, oatmeal, beens, milk and bananas and so on…
Avery R.
Shakes. Shakes and sandwiches. My toddler and I have shakes in the morning and she loves them. I also prep for breakfast sandwiches ony day off and throw them in the microwave while we get ready in the morning. Both are quick and easy for a busy single parent and toddler. As an added bonus, my kid likes bananas, so sneaking in spinach or some vegetable is easy when the banana masks it. The protein powder I use is also safe for kids, and vegan, so I fill her sippy cup up and we're ready to go.
Casey X.
Before I started the healthy eating challenge, I would’ve said packaged crackers lol. But now that I’ve been looking into healthier breakfasts, I’ve gotta say it has to be the peanut butter smoothie by A Couple Cooks. It’s easy to make and even easier to bring along if you’re rushing! I hope you find that useful!
Sarah Z.
Probably a healthy oat and fruit smoothie or even a parfait for the morning. Both options are really good for you because they are packed full of fiber and certain proteins that you get from things like oats
Calvin E.
My quick to go option is a smoothie. I always have a package of frozen berries in the fridge and if I’m short of time I just puree them with my blender and have a delicious drink, fast and healthy.
Grete N.
I usually make a sandwich for myself. It's bread, butter, sausage and cheese. I drink ice-coffee. I don't put any sugar in there though. Well if I'm feeling great then eggs are in the list of making too and they taste super good too.
Zoe U.
The best on-the-go breakfast for me is half a bagel and cream cheese. I’m not sure if it is a great HEALTHY breakfast, but it gets me energized for the day.
Elouise O.
Mine are simply toast, fruit, or oats! They all, as well as being quick, easy, and affordable, give me a really nice boost for the rest of my day. ❤
Anne W.
My go-to breakfast is coffee, fried rice, egg, fish, etc. Sometimes hot chocolate and bread will do! It actually depends on my cravings. 🤣
Darrell W.
Well I don't know much about toddlers, but I do have to make really fast breakfasts in the morning before school, and something that keeps me full is 2 eggo waffles with peanut butter on them, then on the side a hard boiled egg and a pre-made fruit bowl or a fruit smoothie. Hope this helps 🙂
Nelson P.
Oatmeal with banana cinnamon and honey is always a winner for me, especially when I was young I couldn’t get enough of it. a crumpet with peanut butter, honey and sliced banana on top is really satisfying and If I’m really in a rush I will have a bowl of corn flakes and eat an apple on the go. My favourite is yogurt with granola and fruit on top.
Emilia L.
Eggs is my number one haha because it’s easy, doesn’t take much time and it’s great for nutrition. If you don’t like eggs then cereal with banana or bread with cheese it’s also great 😉
Samuel J.
I’m a bit young to have children so unfortunately I don’t have anything about toddlers 😁 but I love porridge, my personal favourite topping is peanut butter (that may sound disgusting to some but when if first tried it for me it was amazing). I sometimes opt for Weetabix if I’m running a bit late or toast and peanut butter if I feel like it (if you couldn’t tell, I like peanut butter 😂). Have a nice day/night!
David F.
I eat school breakfast most of the times, but I eat like PB sandwiches on weekends if they are available, or pancakes with yogurt and cashews.
Cecilie W.
Cereal bars and fruits. Sometimes I prepare breakfast the night before, or I eat leftovers from yesterday. Once in a while I cook my breakfast from scratch and enjoy it warm.
Samantha N.
My favorite breakfast routine has become toast, which an over medium egg on top. I make sure to spread the yolk evenly over the bread but it’s a protein-packed and easy breakfast.
Rose A.
Waffles or toast, the ones you put in the toaster. Apple sauce or yogurt, oatmeal, healthy cereal, eggs or a smoothie. You can add fruit or nuts to some of the above options too!
Amber Z.
Yogurt of choice with granola and fruit is usually my go to! (bananas, apples berries,etc.) If feeling fancy you could add some chia seeds for extra plant based Omega 3 and fiber!! Some nuts or nut butter for healthy fats is always good too!
Heiderose X.
I love fruit bowls! Just a handful of grapes and blueberries and a square of dark chocolate is great for brain stimulation. When I have more time and can be bothered, Greek yoghurt with dry fruits and fruits.
Hailey Z.
Well I’m not proficient on toddler food but I really love things you can prepare the night before. For example overnight oats or a chia pudding but if you don’t have time at night I’d recommend either one of the classics (cereal (with fruits), toast, bagel etc.) or baked oats because you just put it in the oven and can do other things while waiting 🙂
Isabella P.
Avocado on toast with chilli flakes
Hummus on toast with chilli flakes
Oats with frozen berries
Banana peanut butter protein smoothie
Norival N.
I’ve really gotten in oatmeal and baked oats recently, I like that you can customize it and they’re usually pretty quick. Also toast with peanut butter and sometimes cut up bananas ontop
Kaylen J.
I usually grab something quick around me whether it’s a yogurt cup (which I definitely recommend buying) or a fruit and if you’re not feeling that then go with a good granola bar, they’ll never let you down. And for a toddler if you can find them something softer to eat that’s super fast, your grocery store probably had more answers than I do
Wolfram X.
Well… I have lots of them, for you it is probably an oatmeal smoothie or a fruit salad. For your toddler, you can make a banana oat muffin. There are a lot of more breakfest ideas on pinterest though!
Sam T.
My quick go-to breakfast options are
Green tea (metabolism boost)

The following are suitable for adults and toddlers too:
Avocado toast and eggs
Instant pot oatmeal porridge
Frozen yogurt granola bites
Scrambled eggs
Cheese omelette (or) veggie omlette

Ali N.
My go to breakfast HAS to be either eggs and sweet planten OR toast, avocado, and egg 🍳! Their both good for kids too! It’s healthy lol
Holly Z.
Overnight oats are the best, prepare it the night before when making dinner and it’s waiting in the fridge for you in the morning! You can keep it simple with a favourite yoghurt or you can switch it up with adding different fruits, nuts, seeds or even chocolate chips if you’re in the mood for a little treat!
Wenzel X.
While I’m not quite sure about toddlers and allergies, my personal favorite breakfast options are banana and peanut butter toast and oatmeal with fruits.