Sometimes I like to study or do school work whilst the TV is on. Can this be part of my learn habit or should I try to brake this habit? I do this mostly when I am not reading alot. I do this whilst I am making a draft of something. Setting up an essay without the text, the chapters and such.

Cherith N.
I would say to turn it off, and opt for some classical music (or even wordless soundtrack music, like from the movie Interstellar or Pride and Prejudice instead. The only time I turn on a movie or something is when I’m working on an art project. We have to draw maps each quarter for school, and usually have an art project for history and literature. Once I’ve planned out the project, a movie/ tv is the perfect thing to make the time pass more quickly.
Ria Q.
you should brake that habit cause it probably will distracted you from doin your school work . beside that , you could save your electric for a bit , right ?