Should I make up for past missed workouts?

William E.
Well, you have 2 options. Either you make up for it, or try not to miss your next workouts. It depends on you and on how much you can handle. Take it easy though, don't push yourself too much. I wish you the best of luck, you got this!
Filiz F.
Yes because if you do them often and just stop for no reason then your body will be confused and when you do your next workout then you will be out of breath.
Brennan X.
You should not make up for your missed past workouts depending on how often you do them. If you have a weekly workout, then it would be easy to re arrange the day that you workout, and if you need to you can change when you do it in a certain week, if you have an event to attend or something along those lines…..but don’t procrastinate!
However, if you have a daily workout, then making up for past missed workouts is not easy, so if you have only missed a day, then I would suggest carrying on and not making up for it. However if you’ve missed multiple workouts, see if you can get back to your normal level. If not, restart your streak with what you can do