My problem is I like to sleep 😴 waking up is the tough problem. Do you have pointers on how to give myself time in the morning?

Mahsa N.
The key is to 1) identify how many hours of sleep you need to feel refreshed and 2) make sure to go to bed at a time that will match your sleep cycles. Everyone is different but each sleep cycle is about 1h30, so I make sure that I get at least 7h30 hours of sleep per night and once I figure what time I need to wake up to allow me the amount of time I need in the morning to function, then I work backwards to see what time I need to go to bed.
Allison N.
First, make sure you are getting a full 8 hours of sleep. You want to wake up feeling rested and motivated to start the day. I think having a glass of water next to the bed will help because you can wake up and say “time to drink this and start the rest of my morning routine.” One idea i have is to plan an activity you like for every morning. I like playing video games. So I think, yay! Time to wake up, do my routine, and then I can play games! I hope that helps a little.
Bessie O.
I put my alarm clock in my bathroom! That way I have to get up out of bed to turn it off. Plus I usually need to use the bathroom anyway. And no getting back in bed! (That’s the hardest part)
Teres Y.
I feel like I can fall asleep and wake with more ease when I focus on a commitment to connect with myself prior to bed, via reading a book- right now I am reading ‘Lovingkindness’, and decide on something really enjoyable I look forward to doing in the morning (playing with my cats or reading more from where I left off at night). Also, reminding myself that I believe in myself to do small things I put my mind to, so I can do this too! Good luck!
Etta F.
Make sure you are getting quality sleep and are going to bed at a reasonable time each evening. You then may feel better about waking up, it won't feel as tough if you are properly rested.
Ethania N.
Dont sleep to late the night before. Set your goal everyday from morning to evening and give punishment to yourself if you cant achieve those goals. Slowly but sure you can wake up earlier than before
Tas Z.
I force myself to go to bed at 9.30pm and set my alarm to 5.30am, 5.45am, 5.50am, 5.55am and 6AM, the last one with a different ringtone. If I am still asleep and hit snooze they will start ringing every few minutes. When the six am alarm rings I know it's time to get up. I spend the first 30 mins making coffee, walking around the house and basically waking up. I prepare my clothes for shower and if I can sit with coffee and read a book by window for about 10 mins. I have breakfast, usually wholemeal toast with peanut butter and honey and shower/dress. If I have time I like to put on some makeup, but not always.
Joan A.
Always give yourself a good nights rest and commit to your alarm clock- when you keep pressing snooze on the alarm, you’re letting your body ignore the chance to wake up. So, step one, go to bed early to get (9 hours if a teen) 7-8 hours of sleep. Step two, wake up to that first alarm. I like to use a loud speaker because I love just pressing that snooze button; as soon as that alarm goes off, I’m wide eyed and awake. Do these things, and you’ll have no problem waking up in the morning!
Nguy N Z.
You can try setting the alarm earlier than usual . For instance, you’re supposed to wake up at 8 , then you can set the alarm to wake up at 6 , then go back to sleep until 8 . This method will trick your brain to feel as if it gets to rest more , while in reality, it’s the same amount of time . Another way is to drink a cup of cool water .
Diane O.
Make the morning a pleasant time so you have something to look forward to! Even when you're still in bed, play some of your favorite music, take a few minutes to think about fun or relaxing things you can do later, chat with a loved one, pet a cat if you have one. If morning is something you dread, you won't want to wake up. So make it a little more pleasant!
Kenneth O.
If you know how long your body likes to sleep naturally count backwards from the time you want to wake up by the number of hours your body wants to sleep. That time is when you should be in bed, an hour before then start on a bedtime routine, I like to put my phone away and turn off the the TV and computer. Instead I read a book or work on a craft project while I enjoy a warm or adult drink. If I'm feeling especially wired I'll take a sleep aid. The goal is to be dressed for bed and cleaned up and relaxed, I'll usually climb into bed with my drink and craft before bedtime and my body has learned to use this wind down time to help me sleep. Good preparation the night before makes getting up the next morning easier. Having your phone far away from your bed so you have to get up to see it in the morning also helps, I like it next to the coffee pot myself.
Amber U.
Try setting an alarm to help you establish routine for waking up. Exercise is a great motivator for waking up and getting the day started. Set a list of items to complete in the morning, form them into habits. It feels good to check those items off your list (ie. Brushing your teeth, Making your bed, etc.)
Julia Q.
One should set a regular time to have sufficient sleep. Have a to do list for each day, set a routine when the day begins. That will set the tone to look forward to each new day, accomplishing set goals 😃
Macie P.
Start slow. It may seem frustrating, but this is how I finally succeeded in waking up and waking up after my first alarm. Say for example that before working on waking up early, I was waking up at 8 and the goal is to wake up at 6:30 every morning. I would make sure that I'm waking up and getting up right at 8, no snooze button. I would make sure that was solidified for about a week and the following week I would work on waking up right away at 7:30 and so on. If 30 min is too much change, try 15 min. It'll take a bit of time to build up, but this is how you will keep it going and cement this action. Make sure you are going to bed on time as well. If you have some sort of fitness tracker that tracks your sleep, wear that bad boy to bed so you can make sure you're getting enough sleep.
Miss G.
1-You need to sleep early and set the timer with your clock or hanphone .
2-Put your clock @ handphone far from your bed.
3-Try to avoid using social media before sleep. Read book or listen a calm music.

Hope this tips will help you😃

Alfred Z.
Yeah just think why you wanna wake up and the reason should be good like I wake up daily to study. And to avoid sleepiness you should think of a thing that will make you smile early in the morning.. thinking of my birthday helps me smile so I wake up smiling and be in a happy mood the whole day! Take care.
Stacey F.
If you are struggling to wake up in the morning then consider whether you should go to bed a bit earlier. Establish a bedtime routine that includes a hot shower, turning down the lights and turning off your phone or tablet half an hour before bed.
I also use a sunrise alarm app on my phone to wake me up. The screen gets brighter amd brighter until finally the alarm goes off. If this doesnt wake you up then you need more sleep!
Caryse Q.
I have the exact same problem! I have the hardest time getting out of bed. What works best for me is going to bed earlier (easier said than done, I know) and waking up with an actual alarm. If I set a phone alarm I either snooze, or surf my phone all morning. Just make a list with set times of everything you have to do in the morning, so you know what to expect, then set an alarm across your room. This got me through my senior year. If I wake up knowing exactly what to expect, and have to get up to turn off my alarm, you’ll have enough time in the morning. Good luck!!
Linda F.
I love to sleep. Never ever been a "morning person". The best thing I have found to do is to make sure I am in bed by 10 and that I am adequately hydrated. This Fabulous app has really helped me achieve those goals and I am certainly feeling better since consistently doing so!
Floyd S.
Well u should have a motivator to get you out of bed. For example when I was in school I hated waking up but I LOVED curling my hair for school because I knew I looked good so try a motivator maybe pancakes if you get up early enough you will have time to make a yummy breakfast. So motivators are BIG I really recommend them but another thing is right when you fall out of bed exercise and be determined to have fun and do it. Excerise helps because it will help you have a better day feeling energised. Or you can try this….. Get out of bed get a big glass of cold or freezing water and then walk into your shower and dump it on your self that will DEFINITELY get you up. I say get in the shower so the water wont get all over the place and make sure your in your pjs so that way it won't matter if you get wet cause your not gonna wear them for the rest of the day. Let me know what works
Rachelle P.
Get up really early, like 5 or 6 am early, and make yourself get up, drink some watter, eat a snack or meal, do something simple like read or walk. When you're done. Go back to bed for a little bit and get that extra beauty rest before you have to start your day for real.
Rafael Z.
Go to bed earlier, and prepare your sleep. Drop your phone, don't eat heavily and read a book. With time, your biological clock will be reset and you will wake up early! Also drink water, eat properly and set things you want to do in the morning, so you can get motivated to get up.
Jonas W.
Go with the flow of your body. Unless you really really have to be a morning person. If you're a late sleeper, have a schedule for that. Not all schedules have to start from 7 AM to 10 PM. Plan yours starting from 2 hours from whenever you wake up until 2 hours before you go to bed. The 2 hour gap gives your mind and body time to prepare for the day, or slow down for the night.
Jordan F.
You just need to eat the right things to go to bed and not energized food and also set that alarm across the room so you have to go to it and not put it on snooze or when you wake up just splash face with cold water and drink some water
Marie F.
Oh you are not alone, I LOVE to sleep also. But because i prefer morning workouts to afternoon or evenings, i make the effort. I prepare my workout clothes the night before. I set my alarm 30mins earlier than my wake up time which allows for any delays in waking up. I ensure that i dedicate an hour to my workout this always leaves me with some time to spare. I plan my breakfast prior so no time is spent on figuring out what to have for breakfast. My lunch and dinners are always prepped prior as well. Overall i tell myself that im doing this for my own good, to maintain good health, to not have joimt pains in the mornings i whem i wake up, to get through my work days (8 hours) without feeling tired. And finally to feel good about my body, its appearance etc. I would also suggest you sigh up with a good trainer that keeps you accountable this helped me alot when i started my journey. IG has alot of good trainer that can help with meal plans and workout and keeping you accountable. I know because i found my trainer on IG lol she helped me alot. To reach where i am today.
Amelia T.
I used to be a night owl. Every day I fought with myself in the mlrning, since I can remember. Im nlt going to lie, a thing that really helped was my kids, they had to go to school, so I had to get up. But something that changed while I got the habit of waking earlier was that I was more energized, I felt I was more productive and I accomplished mlre in the early mornings that in the rest of the day. So I decided it was great to stick to the habit. My kids no longer need me to wake them up, but I still wake to make the best of my day possible.
I know getting the habit is really hard, but it is worth the pain. Drink water as soon as you open the eye, and for me it was helpful to hear some music I love.
Hope this is helpful and have great mornings!