Is it weird to drink tea and have a calm night as a man? I get bullied on that a lot but I just wanna know like is it not normal?

Sasha P.
no my dad has done it since as far back as I can remember and he is cool as all get out. bery focused, accomplished, talented. my mom made fun of him for it all the time. it is a tradition in someof the most advanced and healthiest cultures, so it must mean something that iy can persisted as a habit for thousands of years in these cultures.
not weird, just smart and more smart.
Gata Z.
It is absolutely normal. Everyone has that time where they want to relax. Whether that be through playing video games or something as simple as drinking tea.
No Lle S.
Who ever said men cannot have a calm and relaxing night with a cup of tea? If you enjoy these moments for yourself, you really shouldn't care about what other say! Just tell them that it is a great way to calm down after a busy day, and that they should try it too!
Don't stop having those moments for yourself because of what other say, because it is really important to calm down and take some time to reflect on your day. Keep up the good habit!

Noëlle 🙂

Rei N.
no it’s not weird, it’s actually normal and there’s nothing wrong with it! it helps you to spend time with yourself and calm down. I even heared it is good for your health? idk about that but, I drink tea like you. don’t stop just because of some bullies! if uou like it continue I totally support you! have a nice day ^^
Pedrino Q.
Of course it is! I am a girl, but I used to get teased as a teenager because I would never go out on Friday's nights but rather stay at home, spending a chill evening reading or studying. Everyone is different, and that's okay!
Jack C.
Wow stupid gender stereotypes. It is not weird at all to have tea and a quiet night no matter your gender if it's something you enjoy! You keep having your tea and peace, those bullies will be highstrung before they know it xx