Is drinking tea good ?

Lloyd N.
Yes because it contains zero calories (besides what you add) as well as antioxidants. Drink green tea with lemon and honey when you have a sore throat or nasal drip. Some teas can even help with digestion!
Mason U.
Yeah I think so! Specially green tea is said to be good for your health. Some say it can the lower risk for heart disease, cancer, and diabetes šŸ¤—šŸ’•
Eliise W.
Absolutely, You can make it into a long ritual or you can just use it as a beverage or even something in between. There are many varieties and situations to choose from. It can be a relaxer or used to hype yourself up. All in all it is grand.
Ian Z.
Yes! I drink tea, and I personally find that it makes me feel nice and relaxed. It smells and tastes nice: warm and earthy.
Guus Z.
Yeah! It's helps you stay hydrated, and depending on the kind of tea it can also have a lot of other health benefits. Besides, if you find a tea you love it is delicious
Molly B.
Yes! For me the classic chamomile do the work. I drink it before going to bed cause it helps me to sleep. But I like the taste too! I am sure you can find a tea for your taste they are amazing!
Pedro I.
Yes! Tea has lots of minerals, helps hidratanting and can be a healthy substitute of caffeine. But, bare in mind that every tea has its own properties, Greens are antioxidant, Black's are Energising, Whites are Relaxing. Every tea is special by itself and requires special care. They have different temperature and times to prepared. For example: Green tea shouldn't be made out of boiling water (100Ā°C), it should be prepared at a lower temperature (70Ā° to 85CĀ°) and you should never leave the leafs in water for longer than 3min.
Eurielle Q.
Yes it is so good to drink tea as it keeps me calm and i love drinking it when it is warm as it makes me feel more coasy and warm .
Arafa F.
YES! Drinking tea is really good. It's good for health.Add some ginger and lemon it gets better.Refreshing beverage that refreshes my mind.I enjoy a cup of tea under the soft sun in the afternoon with my book.
Ailian E.
Drinking tea is great not only for your body but for your mind too! Because it warms your body and if you find the right flavor and sweetness that works best for you it can be like a spiritual cure! so relaxing…
Courtney P.
Yes, tea has a lot of health benefits and is a good alternative to coffee if you are looking for some caffeine. Chamomile also helps me sleep at night.
Hajo Y.
Drinkkng tea within the context of a ritual is especially good for the body, mind, and soul. It may be a meditative practice coupled with breathing and mindfulness, or it may be a social act, shared with a friend; also good for the soul. šŸ™‚
Hluma Z.
Yes, tea is healthy for your body and often said that tea contains substance that can lower ricks of heart disease and etc.
Mariapia Y.
You're asking it to someone who drinks 3 cup of tea every day lol. Tea is super good, it keeps you warm during winter, you keep yourself hydrated with something tastier than water and different teas have different benefits. For example green tea is good for your immune system and also for your metabolism. Drink more tea! I suggest you to not buy tea bags tho, infuses taste better and they are also better for the environment.
Adele P.
I will be talking from my personal experiences.
I love to drink tea. It's make me relaxed and i warm myself up. It's amazing Partner for drawing, reading, writing books, etc. I love to drink tea.
When are people feeling exhausted, they automatically drink coffee, but when it isn't working, black tea is here with more energy to give.
Ilona F.
Yes, tea is not only hydrating but it is full of antioxidants and it can help balance out your gut microbiome. Also, preparing a cup of tea is a good way to enjoy a special drink without all of the calories in alcoholic or sugary drinks. Long term, tea consumption can lead to weight loss.
Philo K.
I think so! I drink tea for warmth, for energy, and for flavor. I don't really like the bitterness of coffee, so tea is a good substitute for me. And I also like to drink sleepy time tea before bed to fall asleep faster! ā¤ļø
Maciel N.
I choose to drink tea when I'm low on morale, I'm stressed or I'm not in a good mood. Tea helps me relax and be motivated at the same time. I recommend mint teas with lemon
Bonif Cio I.
Drinking black tea with mint leaves helps me a lot to calm my nerves and feel at ease, I started drinking it at the beginning of the year and now the year will end and I am happy because I learned to drink it without sugar.
Engi E.
Yes, drinking tea can be very good but overdrinking it can be bad. Drinking tea can make your body more energized and makes your body get these antioxidants to clear your body from any diseases. Green tea also can be very good, but always remember to reduce the amount of sugar you put in that cup of tea of yours! šŸ™‚