I want to start gym in morning. But I am not able to get up before 8 am at all. πŸ˜‰ How can I do it? Alarms and wake-up calls don’t work. Please help!

Maja Z.
It’s all about the bedtime and quality of sleep you’re getting. I recommend planning to get 8 hours of sleep. Count backwards to find that sleep time. Then prep to go device free, finish your night time routine (brush teeth, wash face, set alarm etc) 1 hour before that bedtime. Then you can get in bed and read a paperback book until the bedtime. You may fall asleep earlier, which is okay! It’ll help the wake up. Also lay out your clothes or sleep in them for the workout. Be discipline about the timing and do this routinely; eventually it will be habitual and the waking up to your alarm will be easier. If you consistently wake before the alarm, you may discover you don’t need the full 8 hours and can adjust your bed time.