I know that this is more person to person, but would it help more to floss a while before going to bed, or right before?

Virginia Z.
I've been flossing right before and then brushing me teeth afterwards. However, if I feel the need after certain meals, I will floss at other times of the day.
Chester E.
Probably right before. I always get ready for bed then get directly into bed, before doing some social media stuff then sleeping
Elizabeth W.
I hate flossing but my husband as an everyday flosser bedtime flosser so it helps me to keep on track even though I dread it every night
Monica E.
I like doing it right before bed because I'm a procrastinator haha it helps having it be the last thing I need to accomplish in order to go to bed. It makes me resent it a little less, even if it's annoying work. Also, if I'm feeling especially exhausted I'll grab a flosser and floss in bed (not the best, but some days are harder than others) but I try to limit that to the days that I was really busy and had a lot on my plate.
Maru Q.
I usually brush my teeth just before sleeping (I usually have a small fruit snack in the late evening) , so flossing time is also then. But if you don't eat late in the evenings then you could just floss after eating the last meal and I still think it's fine! Good luck!