I find myself conflicted between writing in a book /a paper journal and or in the Fabulous app. Which do you prefer and why?

Tj O.
I like both options for different reasons, depending on the moment or circumstances. When I write in the app, I write as though I am speaking to another person. I pay more attention to word choice and paragraph structure. I write to express myself to another person. In contrast, when I write on paper, I'm typically getting something out of my head or process ideas for myself. I let loose on saying things "right" and just get stuff on paper. I'll doodle, cross things out, change between print and cursive, and use many colors of ink. Sometimes it's tidy; sometimes it looks like something a possessed person wrote under a full moon on Friday the 13th of a leap year.
Natali T.
100% a book/paper journal. i just feel that a pen and paper is so much notebook effective than typing how you’re feeling into a device. my words will flow more naturally when i write.
Kayla X.
I use an app called werdsmith, as well as writing down stuff in physical journals. I have found that it’s good to allow for flexibility in routine.
Choosing which way to write is a good time to exercise control, and it teaches yourself to allow for changes to happen in life without it causing a huge issue in your life.
Dana N.
Book or paper. Or you own computer. I’m not sure what happens with the data you type in this app, so keep your personal information (esp.
writing a journal) close to you.
Gertruda M.
I use different resources for different things and so far it's working for me. Let me give you an example. Every morning I use a website called 750words where you dump your thoughts and feelings and it works a bit like a therapist where you explore everything that is on your mind. This really helps with my anxiety and identifying triggers. It works like talking to yourself but through writing and I would recommend you give that a try if you want to explore any issues or need extra guidance in life. You are your best mentor. The second thing I use is a notebook where I can scribble various thoughts throughout the day as they come to me, so keep this handy. And finally I then use the fab app to supplement this and keep my progress in one place. I often just use it as a guide. You can also write summaries of what you have explored in your notebooks. It gives you an opportunity to reflect back on your thoughts and feelings. Hope this helps
Brooklyn P.
I don’t have a favorite but I do like to use a paper journal most of the time. Using a paper journal will help you feel more connected to the world and you can use notes app for an electronic journal.