I fell off the checklist-wagon during vacation 🙊 Now I’m not giving myself routine time in the morning, or throughout the day. It’s been a week and I’m fading back to my old, sluggish self. Any pointers or wise words? I could use some inspiration.

R Ben E.
Just take it one small step at a time. Don't beat yourself up about falling off the wagon – that was the past.
It is now up to you to shape your 'now' and 'future' with what YOU want to achieve and at YOUR pace.
Slow down, take a breath and every small step is one on a great journey.
Don't forget, life is full of ups and downs and its OK for things to go wrong here and there, that's how we learn and grow stronger 😊
Marjolein I.
Start with only the first 2 things on your routine, see if you can do more but 2 is fine. Put some chocolate in sight for when you finish 🙂 If you don't, try again tomorrow.
Allie R.
I started using color pens/markers to make my to do list. It maybe seems silly but it has made doing my task list a lil more fun
Jacqueline O.
Just start your routine again the next day. Just do it because there's no other right moment to. Stop thinking and just start your day with one habit then gradually add more like how you first started before
Alberte Z.
Everyone goes through a rough patch! You can restart any day! Make that commitment to yourself and you will feel better for it. Small steps and you will get back in the swing in no time! Believe in yourself you are worth it.
Estephania S.
Start with something easy, that doesn’t require a lot of time. You will gain confidence and you can add more challenging tasks as you go.