I can’t stay asleep. Any suggestions?

Marina O.
I struggle with the same, so I realized that I can be either physically tired or mentally tired. If I’m only one or the other I will struggle with falling asleep or I will wake up in the middle of the night. But if I am both I usually sleep through out the night. My best advice is to do a usually work load, then I would do some sort of physical activity of your choosing. It’s not perfect but it works mostly if you let it.
Annie N.
This happens to me too. Iñwhat I have done is to put in my earphones and listen to meditation to sleep. It worked last night. I do it as soon as I realize I’m ok , before my mind starts getting busy.
Leah C.
Leave on some fabulous ambiance on. Try mediations before bed and make sure you don’t have to pee. If you still have issues staying asleep you can talk to your doctor. Melatonin Is over the counter and can be helpful to get and stay asleep but check with your doc on that too.
Abel Z.
Firstly Everybody can experience like you sometimes. You should know.My advices are reading book , doing meditation , listeninig music … But even if you cant sleep even after doing these , you should get out of the bed .
Tiffany Y.
Spend some time think about why can’t you sleep
Don’t worry about anything before you sleep
If you start thinking about something you worry, it will be difficult to fall asleep
Just lay down on bed, and let yourself relax, without thinking about anything you worry. Think of something happy and be grateful to something or someone.
This will help you relax and sleep better. I hope you can overcome your difficulties! Good luck!
Alisha A.
Melatonin or light exercise or both. You could also try some meditation relaxation and not staring at your phone screen.. make it darker quieter and cooler in temperature.. and just let yourself unwind and if need be put on white noise or something soft in vibrations or tones..
Any O.
Maybe talk to your doctor; also take a look at your sleep hygiene and see if there are any behaviors you can tweak to get better rest!