I can’t shut down the router early as others in my home use the internet – what alternative do you suggest?

Bal Zs X.
It’s the same for be, but I take the Disconnect and Unplug habit very seriously. Once I finished my evening routine, I put my phone on charger in the living room with my laptop, so I have no ways of accessing the internet when I’m supposed to sleep

Kamilla A.
To keep yourself from using the internet? You can create an 'electronics prison' – a drawer with a lock, wherein you can then place your phone, laptop etc. when it's time to sleep.

Rosa P.
I am in the same situation as you are. Well, I am,, disconneting"with not using the internet. For example I have downloaded my sleep meditation so I don't need my phone to be online to play it. I am not at all watching television, instead of that I read a little bit as part of my evening routine. It is important to sleep in a dark environment. I turn off any device with even a tiny light. A candle for a few minutes before going to sleep is a game changer. It really gives you the feeling of no electricity, the time slowing down and tiredness… Wish you all the best with finding your way to disconnect. 🙂

B N.
What I personally use is the option on my phone to not be able to open apps during certain times without entering a code, to let me know it’s bedtime. It’s called something like screen-free time, maybe that could work for you? I don’t know if there’s an equivalent for it on other devices, but probably something can be found.
Hope this helps you!

Rh P.
Simply not using the cell phone after checking that habit done.

It is self discipline and self control. To turn off the router is to make it hard for a heavy internet addicted person to reconnect. if I can simply stop using any internet devices once I check that button, that is it!