How often and how long do you clean for each day?

Melika N.
Well, i don no how to say exactly but because im a teenager and i dont have that many chores around the house
Usually is only cleaning my room and the dining table and washing the dishes but i do try to be a good girl and do a little more chores usually😁
Antonina Z.
So I clean my room in night because that is where I have it scheduled for but not like a Dip clean more like fixing the palace I touched during the day and that is it thank you so much for asking bye have a wonderful day 💕💕
Kimberlee X.
0-60min. When I’m being good about it, I’d say it’s usually 30 min maintenance to at least to do the dishes, wipes the counters and sweep the floors. Adding specific areas of the place, like cleaning the bathroom, or vacuuming the couches and dusting is another 30. So if I maintained the place like I’d like it to look, 60 min every day. I do. It out in that much time regularly. But on good weeks I do!
Renee Y.
It dependes on the day of the week it is. During the week about 30-1 and on the weekends 2-8 hours. I try to keep the house clean all week. I start washing on Thursdays so I can have a relaxing weekend.
Victor P.
i often clean my house and garden in about 30 min and i do this each and everyday and i really like to clean my houseand it makes me fell good and all about is clean clean yup😊
Alcib Ades A.
I would probably say at least 1 hour or more every OTHER day. Mainly on the weekends since that is when I am off work. My evening routine from this app has me cleaning for 10 minutes each day. This is a perfect amount of time to wipe down your bathroom, pick up the living room, or bedroom. Now there is less to do on the weekend!