How many books do you read a year?

Lynn R.
In the past gewoon years I read about 5 or 6 books a year. But I wanted to read more. My post uni reading fatigue lasted way top long. Now I use the goodreads reading challenge aiming for 12 books this year. I’m already on 7. I now read everyday. Sometimes just 5 pages. Sometimes 50.
N N.
I use to read books all the time and would probably average out to about 30-50 books a year. Then I started sixth form and university did not fare any better and it was massively reduced down to 5-10 a year. I fell back in love with reading when I read A Little Life by Yani Hanigihara. And I started to read more. Around 10 a year. And 2020 has been a great time for reading under furlough and I should average out to about 30-50 books again and I feel really good about this.
Marion E.
Honestly I don't know. It changes depending on what's going on around me. So far this year I've read 6 books. 4 with my children and 2 on my own.
Stella T.
I haven't read more 10 books per year in the past years; but I'm trying to change that number, and read at least 50 books the year! I know that I can make it!