How do you study?

Tib Rio E.
I study in the calm at least sometimes but I like to study alone being motivated least of the time its very hard already so I hope for the best
Cory T.
Studying now days have been difficult for every student because of the distractions like social media always picking up ur mobile etc. To study efficiently just put ur phone switched off and if someone lives with you tell them to hide it and don't let them know, this way even if you think about your phone you will realise that you have no idea where it is,

But there are sometimes when you have to use your phone to study if that's the case then turn off your notifications fr every social media platform you use this way nothing will pop us and won't distract you , there are times when you feel tired of studying and then wanna relax that time you chose your phone for relaxation, you should never do that mobile also drain your little bit of energy and after picking it up you won't feel like to study anymore after relaxing and things would get delayed, so when you do feel tired just lay down on your bed with eyes closed and set a timer of 15-25 mins , don't sleep though cuz even if you try to Your mind won't let you so just relax your whole body and ur mind as well , you can do it with eyes closed or opened depends on you

Sattu F.
Make a schedule the night before. Know what you havw to study based on priority like if a weak subject then give it more time/study it first with a fresher mind. It helps <3