How do you like your eggs in the morning? 🎼 But really… which way do you like to cook them for breakfast?

Keith O.
Pan fried, sunny side up eggs. I just crack two eggs, add salt, pepper, and a little water ,put the lid on and walk away from it until it's done the way I like it
Sherry P.
I like hard boiled. I can make a bunch to have on hand, then they are always there if I am ever in a hurry. Quick and easy 😀
Hannah S.
My favorite way to cook eggs is scrambled. I always add cheese and salt to my scrambled eggs! In my opinion the best cheese to put on your eggs is Mexican Blend.
Halil Y.
I like it sunny side up. But I often do it scrambled-style. Because for me personally, it’s difficult to get a perfect yolk out. My yolks often break, and it’s just ugly like that on a sunny side up. So I just make scrambled eggs in the end.
Evandro Q.
I'd like to change the way of cooking the eggs everytime I prepare it for breakfast. One day I cook a fried egg and another day a scrambled egg. At weekends because I have more time, I cook an omelette with eggs, tomatoes and some other vegetals depend on which one I have in refrigerator.
Lily Z.
Boiled and then I add some mayonnaise without sugar (anyone can make it), then I spread that creamy eggs over some rucula or cucumber, just delicious
Haitam N.
The way I like the most is this (I'll type the recipe! Try it!)
First heat up a pan, apply a spoonful of butter, let it melt and spread it, then immediately add 2 eggs, stir very well and then add salt,black pepper and a tiny bit of grounded green mint leaves and finally stir a little more until the eggs are cooked!
Bonne appetite!
Alo S T.
One of two way: microwaved with a bit of hot sauce and cheese for a quick breakfast OR cooked on the stove with a side of toast when I have more time. Either way, they’re always scrambled (with a splash of milk and a dash of pepper) and always delicious!
K Te Z.
I quite fried eggs on toast or scrambled. I also don’t mind boiled eggs, they’re probably my preference when I have no energy in the morning and I’m in a rush.
Jad S.
Really depends on my energy levels, if it's low I'll put in the minimum effort and make Sunnyside up. Which is most cases
Henrik U.
I hate eggs unless they are poached or sunny side up. I have to have something to soak the yolk up with, so I always make my eggs with an English muffin and avocado! I also like eggs Benedict
Arin Z.
I like to do a slow scramble and sprinkle a little bit of salt, pepper, and spinach. They turn out fluffy and delicious!
Ramon J.
I cook my eggs with a bit of salt(for taste) and black pepper ( for a tad of spice. Preferably to the point where the egg whites are cooked and the egg yolk is not cooked.😁💖
Simon N.
I don’t often eat eggs in the morning. I had them in French toast this morning though. I love eggs cooked any way though they’re delicious.
Oscar T.
A soft scramble is my favourite. However my partner makes them perfect, so I usually will fry them when he isn’t around. I eat them on toast with some butter and salt. YUM
Sabina N.
I’m a vegan so I don’t eat eggs. Even if you eat free range eggs, male chicks are killed because they’re surplus to requirements, gassed or out through grinders, it’s horrific. Hens are forced to lay at unnatural rates and die terribly young. I love porridge with soya or oat milk or grilled mushrooms on toast for breakfast. Eggs aren’t ours to take. Best wishes x
Kevin O.
I really enjoy putting eggs in my instant pot and boiling a lot of them at once so they can be ready to eat when I need some breakfast or to slice up on a salad.
Nathan E.
Fried over medium with salt and pepper. That’s how we grew up eating them and it has always been my preference. They just taste better that way! Lol 😜