How do you integrate learning a new language into your day to day schedule?

Liam Campbell
It doesn't take too much time. I learn every day for 20 minutes. Usually you spend more time on Facebook or other social media so you just learn language instead of wasting time somewhere else.

Rémi Lecomte
For a year and a half I've been learning German just for satisfaction. I'm using app on my phone for that, something about 15mins per day. I can see the effects as I went hitchhiking this summer and I could communicate with people who Couldn't speak English. Very satisfying 🙂

Cândice Fogaça
If you set aside only 15 minutes a day you can learn a new language. I use the Fabulous app to set a reminder every afternoon. There are several free language apps to help you learn so take a look and choose whatever works best for you. I use an app called Duolingo and I’m very happy with it.