How do you integrate learning a new language into your day to day schedule?

Liam P.
It doesn't take too much time. I learn every day for 20 minutes. Usually you spend more time on Facebook or other social media so you just learn language instead of wasting time somewhere else.
R Mi Y.
For a year and a half I've been learning German just for satisfaction. I'm using app on my phone for that, something about 15mins per day. I can see the effects as I went hitchhiking this summer and I could communicate with people who Couldn't speak English. Very satisfying 🙂
C Ndice S.
If you set aside only 15 minutes a day you can learn a new language. I use the Fabulous app to set a reminder every afternoon. There are several free language apps to help you learn so take a look and choose whatever works best for you. I use an app called Duolingo and I’m very happy with it.