Do you think the Write My To Do habit is necessary in order to live a more organised life?

Katherine P.
I know writing my to-do list helps reduce my worries and anxiety, prioritize better, and keep track of what has been – or still needs to be – done. I bet it can do the same for you. Is it NECESSARY to write it, maybe not if you’re willing to dedicate a lot of brain space, but if that’s hard or if you have a lot of other things using space, I think writing it down is the way to go. Just a tip, BuJO is great for that.
Tony E.
I feel like that really depends on how much you enjoy and or learn from writing. If it's a habit that you love, it can really help associate good feelings with that for specific habit.
Marie Luise Q.
I mean if it’s not working for you then maybe you’re a type of person who doesn’t NEED it but writing it down engraves it in your brain and makes you want to do it just don’t have a list more than 4-5 tasks
Iohana I.
Absolutely yes. To Do lists not only make me more productive, but also less anxious since I don’t hace to worry about forgetting to do things.
Bill A.
I really think writing a to do list each day is helpful. I also find the midday reminder to refocus on my goals that Fabulous sends me is also helpful. Doesn’t mean I achieve all my goals. I work in a business where daily and hourly things change !
Harry S.
I definitely think it’s important to review your to do list every day. I have tried a combination of things, including handwriting my to do list in my paper journal and apps like “Things”. Right now I use a combination of an app for a complete list of all my to do’s and paper and pencil for my daily list of to do’s
Henry O.
Of course!Is it specially helps creative mind to channel energies and accomplish more meaningful and thought out actions