Do you prefer hot🔥 or cold❄️ tea?

Alaina Y.
Hot tea, for sure! I don't really drink anything cold, not even water, which I prefer to drink at room temperature. Plus, hot tea is more calming and relaxing, especially after a long day.
Leah C.
I prefer cold tea better than hot because is makes me feel refreshed and good and I prefer almost all my drinks cold anyways. I only drink hot tea at night to help me sleep and relax. The only other drink besides hot tea at night that I drink hot is hot coco and even then I rarely drink it hot unless I’m cold. I usually just drink hot coco warm.
Mona H.
Impossible to choose! Cold oolong, green or barley tea are super refreshing. Hot Earl Grey or Genmai Cha are so comforting!
William Z.
Hot tea, although hot is too hot! I like it warm, warmer than my body temp but not too hot, and if it gets cold it's just as delicious
Philo K.
I prefer hot tea! I get cold pretty easily and having a nice hot cup warms me and relaxes me. I do love a good iced tea in the summer though!
Samantha P.
I've never tried cold tea? Except when I've forgotten to drink my hot one! Hmmm… theres a new idea for me to contemplate 😁
Kennedy Q.
Hot tea as it allows me to sit down and ease into the day. Warming my throat up too is very nice. Cold tea is very nice on a hot summer afternoon!
Elena O.
Hot tea at all, especially because I drink a lot of tea and I take it without sugar, so a cold tea without sugar is a bit flavorless. Moreover a cup of hot tea in winter is the best thing ever!