What is your #1 favorite tea?

Ana N.
Limonete! It's a Portuguese herbal tea, from the verbena family. It is refreshing and its lemony flavour always wakes me up despite having bo caffeine 🙂
Enrico G.
I have three favourite teas. the driest one I love is the tea blend I get from kenya. it has such a rich taste to it. the second one is a mango passion fruit tea. that tea has more of a fruity sweet flavour. and the third is any type of fruit tea(like raspberry).
Kafui N.
Green tea. The aroma through my nostrils, the hot liquid swirling down my throat. That's my definition of unwind and relax. Sometimes I add some ginger to it. Sometimes I add concentrated milk to it.
Kristen T.
I like a variety of teas. It really depends on my mood. I miss the tea I had in Malawi. I typically drink sleepy time in the evening. Pretty much anything else throughout the day.
Airum Q.
Chai. I like the blend of various spices, and sometimes I’ll drink it with a drop of milk and sugar to mix it up and soften the flavours.
Zoe T.
Id have to say chamomile. It it my go to tea for whenever I’m feeling anxious stressed or down. I find it gives me a peaceful sensation
Farah N.
I love chamomile tea , to slice ginger in there and anise with them too then a lil bit of sage as that adds some bitterness with a squeeze of half a lemon and a teaspoon of honey and you got yourself a super relaxing and very balanced (taste wise) drink