Do you find it hard to be grateful for a full ten minutes?

Bianca Z.
No i dont because i am grateful ALL the time, but doed extra 10 minutes are to think about what happend in my day that made me feel grateful
Diane S.
Before now I would say yes, but honestly with the guidance and insights from this app I feel good that I can take a small percentage of my day to reflect on all the good things that has happened for and to me…
Miss N.
Personally, I just stick to my own time schedule of being grateful. If all I want to do is write a list of everything I am grateful for, that still makes me feel better overall. I just like being able to take some time to be thankful for what I have been given in life, even if that is just for five minutes. Overall, it doesn’t matter how much time you’re spending to do gratitude exercises, just do them at least once everyday and that’ll make you feel good.