When do you start the Disconnect habit before you go to bed? 10 min, 1 hour…?

Jaque Q.
I normally do it one hour befor . I start getting ready for bed and eat something very small. I drink a glass of water and go to bed at 10:00pm and I wake up at 6:00am good luck ;))
Marina R.
I start the disconnect at the point where I decide I want to sleep because having any devices around me will distract me and I'll never end up sleeping. So 30 minutes.
Lucy Z.
I always make sure I turn off just for an hour before I go to bed so then that way I don’t have to rush and I always put my phone or my iPad on silent like that way I don’t have to get up unless I’m running late for school then I put my alarm on the night before I do not touch my iPad because if I do that then it will create adrenaline and it’s not that good so make sure to whatever is comfortable for you but I would recommend doing an hour before you go to bed thank you for your question
Amira F.
About 25 minutes before I go to sleep. It’s a good thing to unplug and disconnect not right before you’re gonna fall asleep because phone screens produce a blue light which is terrible for your eyes and if you see that blue light before you sleep it reflects your sleeping and you can’t get a full and enjoyable to the max sleep.
Nicklas F.
I'm gonna try about 30-60 minutes before. By disconnect I'm thinking plugging my phone in and maybe reading or coloring instead of being on electronics. I feel like it may help me fall asleep easier.
Clarindo Q.
you can disconnect whenever you feel like it usually a good 30mins before bed is cool but it depends on your lifestyle maybe you must respond before bed if so then take a break for 30-1hr then come back to your screen after
Valerie O.
When I 'start' going to bed it seems to take about an hour before I actually disconnect & turn everything off & close my eyes.
Elissa E.
To be honest lately I have been disconnecting from my phone 10 to 20 minutes before I go to bed. Before I was currently disconnecting from my phone an hour before I went to bed so I’m trying to rebuild that habit
Courtney Z.
I start to disconnect about 30 minutes before I get ready for bed. I do listen to calm music which helps me wind down for the night
Emma F.
I start the Disconnect habit about and hour before bed. During that time I read and relax before I go to sleep. I sometimes do the breathing exercises and just overall get myself ready to sleep.
Zac O.
I start around 5 mins before as to start calming my mind. The rest of the calming is done by practicing military sleeping techniques; breathing exercises and counting something imaginary.
Anne T.
I suggest that you should start the disconnect habit 1 hour before you go to bed. I should do this but its more like 10 minutes. Disconnecting an hour before will give you more energy and more sleep.
Elsie J.
I need at least an hour. I need to let go of the baggage of the day and get my mind in the proper place before I can relax and fall asleep.
Kizia P.
After I disconnect to the social world, I grab a glass of water then put it beside my bed. In that way, I can never forget to drink water first thing in the morning. Then, I unplug or turn off the lights or better yet cover my eyes with a sleep mask to keep my eyes open from the blinking lights in the othe room.
Joel E.
I tend to sleep better if I disconnect one hour before going to sleep. Unfortunately I m not always that disciplined, so usually it rather 10 min. During that periode I mediate and just after that I go to bed.
Carol J.
I have an alarm 2 hours before bed to set an alarm for the next morning on my phone, and as soon as I've done that at 8pm that's it for the disconnect. I've never done that before and it's really helping. I write in my journal for 10 mins and the rest of the evening is special cosy time with my family.
Abby Z.
Generally, I try for about 15-30 minutes before bed. In order to do this, I’ve arranged my nightly routine so I do all of the habits that require my phone first and then I can set my phone aside for the rest of them. This makes it easier to disconnect because I’m not just removing something (my phone), I’m replacing it with other things (journaling, devotions, and the like). Also, if I really need to use my phone during that time, I make sure I only do what I need to and try to be on my phone for as little time as possible.
Romain W.
I usually start the disconnect habit an hour before I go to bed. So for me, I usually go to bed around 10:30 every night so I start the disconnect habit at 9:30. Hope this helps!
Ella O.
well i’m not on my phone very often as it is so it’s not very hard for me. but i usually just put my phone on do not disturb at around 8 pm and it doesn’t really matter when you go to sleep. After dinner is a good time
Franz A.
I usually disconnect 1h before i go to Bed. This 1hour is good for you because you can interact with the real World again and and you can reach your goals.
Jeffrey F.
I try to make it half an hour, as I find an hour is too long and I end up thinking oh I need to check that email and remembering other things I forgot to do, whereas half an hr helps my body wind down for sleep without me remembering too much that I've forgotten to do that involves tech. But as early as possible that u can get rid of technology before bed, the better if you csn get rid of it an hour before, thats great, but if its not working start with 15 mins or even 10 and work your way up
Sophia S.
I start at around 8 because it takes a a while to disconnect and then when I disconnect at around 8:30 and go sleep at 9:30 🙂 💕✨✨
Anna Luise Y.
Well I try to do it 30 minutes before and at that time I start to put on my pajamas wash my teeth and so when the 30 minutes have passed I go to sleep otherwise I read or do another activity to complete this habit.
Jovelino E.
Well, i prefer disconnection 30 mins before bed and do other things such as wash face, make bed, read a book or anything that helps me calm down. This way my mind is all relaxed and i am able to sleep better. But obviously, since we all are unique and amazing in our own way, you should try different timings. I would say start disconnecting 1 hour before bed a few days and check the results. If you still cant calm add more time, or if you are sleeping well you can also reduce some time.

Just keep in mind that you are you and unique in your way, following/copying what others will make you feel uncomfortable at many times.
So, in conclusion. Find what fits you by trying a habit for a certain amount of time for a few days, if it doesnt work change time and try it again for a few days. This was you can find the most suitable way of doing a thing for you!

Lrc N.
I disconnect just when I’m going to bed, I always check my phone before falling asleep and that’s an habit I want to stop but I just can’t
Maryam F.
It ranges from 20 mins to an hour, I have set a time to be in bed by and from that period is the “Disconnecting habit”. But the time depends on how I am feeling, if tired then I fall asleep much faster than when I am not tired.
Riddhi X.
10 mins because I study at night and all my notes are in my phone so I have to use phn before going to bed…but I can keep a gap of 10 mins
Christy C.
Around 10pm I try stop any work I'm doing and only do things that relax me, like the disconnect habit. I find that a set time works best.
Elisete Z.
I start about one hour before going to bed. It helps a lot if you make a routine to wich you stick. You may find out that you need more time or less, it depends from person to person. I need at least an hour so that i have time to prepare properly to go to bed and also it calms me and it is just better for my psyche. Good luck
Selma F.
Sometimes it's an hour, sometimes it's longer or shorter. I don't put a limit on it because I use that time to disconnect from the world, and reconnect with myself. I don't put restrictions on it because it'll feel more like a chore than a chance to be with myself.

I hope this helps. 🙂

Leon P.
Well, I generally think that doing it an hour before bed is the most beneficial, but I do still use my device for music or a podcast so I can wind down. The problem with the devices is the blue light that keeps you awake. I like to change the lighting on my phone to a warm tone so if I happen to look, I won’t be disrupted as much
Celma Q.
For me, disconnecting is mostly about not actively being on or scrolling on social media. My household doesn't sit well with quiet so we have the tv on or have my earphones in but I try to take time away from social media and unplug for at least an hour before bed so that I can focus on my nighttime routine and not end up staying up way later than I entended just by being on social media.
Flo S.
I try to turn my screens of and read about 30 minutes before i sleep. Reading always tires me if im lying in bed. Lots of the time i fall asleep with it in my hand.
Hanan R.
I would like to disconnect before bedtime in 10 mins, because i always have something to search for and i am so bored these days so i would like to give my self some time scrolling and texting on social media. I always fill my time with studying so i want to do something else before sleeping to relief my anxiety a little and stop thinking of my projects and exams for a while, and most importantly to not dream of them.
Elis T.
For me personally, my biggest problem until now was that because I have sleep issues, I tended to grab my phone when I was already in bed and supposed to sleep. Disconnecting for me is that when I lay down, I will not reach for my phone even when I have trouble falling asleep (usually every night and up to even 2 hours). But if you don't have such a problem, I would advise to disconnect an hour of half before bedtime.
Andrei C.
usually about 10 minutes before it! it's important to rest your eyes well before sleeping and i wish i could do it even earlier than 10 minutes but you know, you can only break habits a small step at a time 🙂
Ahmed X.
That IS the problem I'm having actually. I don't disconnect because I've experienced a traumatic loss. I feel as if my legs have been knocked out from under me.
I'm having a difficult time
engaging and disconnecting.

I'm in a free fall.

Ida O.
i usually give myself 20 minutes off the phone before bed. reading, drawing, anything with low energy, keeping the lights low.
Sandy Z.
I disconnect about half an hour before bedtime. Then I do my daily Bible reading, listen to the nightly coaching and do anything else I need to do to get ready to sleep.
Alan L.
Charell N.
I disconnect at 9pm and go to sleep at 11pm. Taking 2 hours to wind down during that time. I usually read a book and do some body stretches to wind down.
Sharandeep N.
I normally like to do it around 5PM – 7PM before I eat my dinner. Which is 2-4 hours before I sleep. It helps with my sleep when I do it then so I prefer to do it around that time!
Rasmus Z.
You should always turn off your electronic items at least 1 hour before going to sleep. As the blue light used on them is what keeps you awake at night and making you have a diruptive sleep. Try reading. Just something to switch your brain off before sleep.
Ana P.
I like to disconnect for 20 ish minutes , because it just gives me time to reflect on life , but if I start feeling guilty or anxious about something I go on my phone to put some music on that helps me calm down
Vivan T.
Usually I start between 30 minutes to an hour before I go to sleep. I like to save myself time each night to reflect on my day and have time to myself without screens.
Nick E.
I would aim to start an hour beforehand to fully disconnect in the best way possible but obviously this isn't always possible especially if you have extra curriculars or other activities that end late. If this is the case then i would just try and set out a few minutes before you go to bed to unwind without technology whether that is reading, drawing or listening to music, just try and not use a screen for as long as you can before sleeping even if it is just for 10 minutes. Limited screen time before bed will signal to your brain that it is time to relax instead of stimulating your brain further, making it harder to relax.
Christoffer F.
About and hour and a half before bedtime. I start turning the bright lights off and turning a soft light on, lighting a candle and if I have aromatherapy I turn it on to prepare my room with a nice quiet down smell. I take a shower and do my wellness routine that takes me to wind down with my evening meditation and prayer and then lights out
Yasmin J.
i start disconnecting at around 30 minutes before bed, but it does depend on each person. some recommend at least 30 minutes and others up to 2 hours. start small and see which amount of disconnection before bed helps your sleep quality improve.
Leonard J.
Usually disconnecting is the lastest thing i do then i sleep so it's just a 5min or less, but I don't use it for scrolling i just say good night to my friends.
Percy F.
I aim to disconnect at least 30 mins before bed, but sometimes it is only 10 or 15 or less, my goal is to disconnect 1 hr before bed in the future
Minty N.
I usually start winding down around 30 minutes before i actually start getting ready for bed (that’s usually 15 minutes before i actually go to bed) so my overall wind down time usually lasts around 45-50 minutes
Aleksandra F.
tbh I'm trying to disconnect asap, but it doesn't always work and I feel so bad with it. so usually it's like 10 min before sleeping.
Tosh P.
I typically do it around 20 to 25 minutes before bed, I prep my water for the morning following and grab the book I've been reading, it depends on how long it takes me to feel ready to sleep but anywhere from 20 to 25 minutes does the job :))
Adrian O.
i begin to disconnect about an thirty minutes before bed. i keep on a youtube video that puts me to sleep and pretty much don’t touch my phone anymore. i don’t really watch the video because i am already sleepy, so that’s pretty much it.
Paulina O.
I try to disconnect at least half an hour before sleeptime. I turn on all my morning alarms and put the phone away to charge. Then I brew myself a cup of herbal tea, go to bed and read while drinking the beverage.
Michelle B.
Honestly, it depends on the day. Last night I read before to sleep. But usually I disconnect 10 min before or even less.
Valentina Y.
I start my disconnect an hour or so before bed. If your going to bed early, Start the disconnect early, and make sure to go to sleep early too!
Ethar O.
I usually start the disconnect habit when i sit on my bed i put my phone away from me and i turn off the wifi or turn off the volume so i won't hear anything that will distract me
Maja F.
I typically start my disconnect habit before 1 hour.

Some people have a different taste in their life and side. So, it's different to us.

Samantha E.
I like to do it 30 minutes before ,put my phone on charge, and walk away from it. It gives me time to make sure I have everything ready for tomorrow and keep my room clean.
Paula U.
Well I started probably when I'm in bed so after I take my evening medications then I try to put the phone down and not use it it is a hard habit to break to unplug because I talked to my husband and the military he's on a mission so it's a little bit difficult to put the phone down
Jacob W.
Even though I try to disconnect for an hour before bed yet it doesn't always go my way. I have a habit of playing a mini game before sleeping so smh I end up having 10-15 minutes of disconnecting 🌸
Noga X.
I start it 15 – 30 minutes before I go to bed, I am always trying to start it earlier than my bedtime, in a minute, then 5 minutes, then 10, 15, 20, and more and more.
Leonard U.
Mmmm I usually start mine about 20 to 30 minutes before I go to bed. So it’ll give me enough time to get ready for bed, and to clear my head and reflect on myself. I hope this can be helpful for you
Maheshvariba M.
I start disconnecting myself from electronic devices like mobile, tv, laptop half an hour before sleeping. In this time you can have a 5 minutes walk, should wash your hands and face too. And drink water too. And can put a water bottle near the bed. So, you will not forget to drink water in the morning. If you are always in a rush in the morning like you go for a job or go to school or college put your next day's clothes on the table too. So, you will not hurry to find your perfect dress. Try to make your to do list. Don't exaggerat by listing 10 to 15 items. Start by writing just 3 most important things you need to do tomorrow. And remember you can do it.
Kelly J.
I start disconnecting from my phone at least an hour before bed! And then I study, wash up for bed, stretch, and go to bed 👍 I use the Downtown function on my iPhone to make it easier!
Samuel O.
There's no rightor wrong awnser do your best one day I might disconnect 10min before bed and the next one 2hours before life is difficult and has a way of fighting our decision and habits we are trying to construct. Keep working at them and keep doing what you are doing, unwinding before bed is a great thing to do to reflect on your day
Allison O.
Ten minutes before I go to bed because it makes me tired and relaxed, it give me time to reflect before I go to sleep and I enjoy it.
Lee J.
I disconnected all my electrical an 1 hour before bed.The reason is because I will already be relax to go to bed when the hour comes around.If I don’t disconnected before bed then I will be thinking about what I have to do by Friday rather than getting sleep.
Abhisek C.
Ten minutes. Most of my work is in relation to my phone. Many times, I keep my phone on my bed listening to some good calm and peaceful music before sleeping…
Romane G.
I start the disconnect habit when I am already in my bed, 30 minutes before sleeping. During this disconnected time, I usually read a book or a manga because it helps me ti relax.
Destiny T.
I suggest that you should start the disconnect habit 1 hour before you go to bed. I should do this but its more like 10 minutes. Disconnecting an hour before will give you more energy and more sleep. For me I struggle to feel energized and I have troubles sleeping.
Megan F.
I have a hard time sleeping so it changes everyday. My app is set to go off at 10 pm and I usually start my habit immediately. Some days I don't fall asleep till 2 or 3 am.
Crystal O.
I usually choose to disconnect an hour or two before bed ✈️ mode and take the to recenter myself. I'm still getting a good habit established but that's what works for me.
Claudemiro I.
I get into bed. Sort everything out I need too(on my phone). But don’t go on my socials then lie down and relax watching my favourite show till a fall asleep
Wardiya Q.
I try to not touch my phone for atleast an hour before bed but I'm not always consistent and I'm trying to be. First try by not touching Ur media before bed so if u had to touch Ur phone it would be for reasons like writing Ur to do list for tomorrow or setting Ur alarm clock
Leonor G.
For me 30min is enough time to disconnect, if you feel that you need more, it’s up to you but give yourself at least 15min before bed to take a break
Ava V.
45 minutes before bed. It gives me time to say goodnight to my friends and family, brush & floss and journal my thoughts and reflect on my day.
Lennon Q.
I usually am on my phone or laptop at night then I go to the bathroom and get ready which takes about 10 minutes. Then I mostly read a book for about 10-15 minutes then turn my lights off and go to bed. So I say about 20-30 minutes.
Harry G.
I do like all my extra ordinary habits after I put my phone away to unwind like brushing me teeth cleaning my face etc. so then j have a good 15-20 minutes to unwind and disconnect
Tynka G.
Sometimes it's half an hour, sometimes 15 minutes. It depends on my mood and how much do I want to fit in my bedtime routine
Kaiser I.
Well, you need to experience what is good for you. I usually stay with 30 minutes before going to bed. But you need to try out different times so that you know what is the best one for you.
Sam E.
I try to disconnect about an hour before I go to sleep. This gives me time to take care of myself, read a book, get ready to fall asleep, etc.
Antwan N.
When I start, I do it like 20mins to 40 mins. Most of the time I listen to music when I sleep so I have to get back on my phone.
Rebecca Q.
I aim for half an hour. This is difficult for me because I like to write and organise in the evening, so I used to use the laptop until very late. But now when I know it's almost time to go to bed, I just put a point in what I'm doing and start my skincare routine (which is my end of day ritual).
Perry F.
Okay so , firstly you should disconnect your phone 1 hour before you go to bed . I'm not but I will , i know it , i disconnect my phone 30 mins before I go to bed.
Kelly T.
It actually depends, let's say it's 8:00 PM, if Im free and I dont have to do homework or anything else, I stop using my phone computer etc., then I start doing things I like, I start drawing, I read or I order my room and I start getting ready to sleep then at 9:00 I sleep, this is just what I do but it depends if I have the time to stop using my computer cuz I need it for my homework
Hope this can help ya ♡ good luck…
Niri U.
1 hour
10 mins before…that doesn't work.
You have to switch off your phone 1 hour before so that your mind doesn't get it play the "just 5 mins" trick on you