When do you start the Disconnect habit before you go to bed? 10 min, 1 hour…?

Elisete Z.
I start about one hour before going to bed. It helps a lot if you make a routine to wich you stick. You may find out that you need more time or less, it depends from person to person. I need at least an hour so that i have time to prepare properly to go to bed and also it calms me and it is just better for my psyche. Good luck

Leonard U.
Mmmm I usually start mine about 20 to 30 minutes before I go to bed. So it’ll give me enough time to get ready for bed, and to clear my head and reflect on myself. I hope this can be helpful for you

Joel E.
I tend to sleep better if I disconnect one hour before going to sleep. Unfortunately I m not always that disciplined, so usually it rather 10 min. During that periode I mediate and just after that I go to bed.

Selma F.
Sometimes it's an hour, sometimes it's longer or shorter. I don't put a limit on it because I use that time to disconnect from the world, and reconnect with myself. I don't put restrictions on it because it'll feel more like a chore than a chance to be with myself.

I hope this helps. 🙂

Samuel O.
There's no rightor wrong awnser do your best one day I might disconnect 10min before bed and the next one 2hours before life is difficult and has a way of fighting our decision and habits we are trying to construct. Keep working at them and keep doing what you are doing, unwinding before bed is a great thing to do to reflect on your day

Megan F.
I have a hard time sleeping so it changes everyday. My app is set to go off at 10 pm and I usually start my habit immediately. Some days I don't fall asleep till 2 or 3 am.

Ava V.
45 minutes before bed. It gives me time to say goodnight to my friends and family, brush & floss and journal my thoughts and reflect on my day.

Lennon Q.
I usually am on my phone or laptop at night then I go to the bathroom and get ready which takes about 10 minutes. Then I mostly read a book for about 10-15 minutes then turn my lights off and go to bed. So I say about 20-30 minutes.