When do you start the Disconnect habit before you go to bed? 10 min, 1 hour…?

Marina R.
I start the disconnect at the point where I decide I want to sleep because having any devices around me will distract me and I'll never end up sleeping. So 30 minutes.

Amira F.
About 25 minutes before I go to sleep. It’s a good thing to unplug and disconnect not right before you’re gonna fall asleep because phone screens produce a blue light which is terrible for your eyes and if you see that blue light before you sleep it reflects your sleeping and you can’t get a full and enjoyable to the max sleep.

Joel E.
I tend to sleep better if I disconnect one hour before going to sleep. Unfortunately I m not always that disciplined, so usually it rather 10 min. During that periode I mediate and just after that I go to bed.

Romain W.
I usually start the disconnect habit an hour before I go to bed. So for me, I usually go to bed around 10:30 every night so I start the disconnect habit at 9:30. Hope this helps!

Jeffrey F.
I try to make it half an hour, as I find an hour is too long and I end up thinking oh I need to check that email and remembering other things I forgot to do, whereas half an hr helps my body wind down for sleep without me remembering too much that I've forgotten to do that involves tech. But as early as possible that u can get rid of technology before bed, the better if you csn get rid of it an hour before, thats great, but if its not working start with 15 mins or even 10 and work your way up

Maryam F.
It ranges from 20 mins to an hour, I have set a time to be in bed by and from that period is the “Disconnecting habit”. But the time depends on how I am feeling, if tired then I fall asleep much faster than when I am not tired.

Elisete Z.
I start about one hour before going to bed. It helps a lot if you make a routine to wich you stick. You may find out that you need more time or less, it depends from person to person. I need at least an hour so that i have time to prepare properly to go to bed and also it calms me and it is just better for my psyche. Good luck

Selma F.
Sometimes it's an hour, sometimes it's longer or shorter. I don't put a limit on it because I use that time to disconnect from the world, and reconnect with myself. I don't put restrictions on it because it'll feel more like a chore than a chance to be with myself.

I hope this helps. 🙂

Leon P.
Well, I generally think that doing it an hour before bed is the most beneficial, but I do still use my device for music or a podcast so I can wind down. The problem with the devices is the blue light that keeps you awake. I like to change the lighting on my phone to a warm tone so if I happen to look, I won’t be disrupted as much

Elis T.
For me personally, my biggest problem until now was that because I have sleep issues, I tended to grab my phone when I was already in bed and supposed to sleep. Disconnecting for me is that when I lay down, I will not reach for my phone even when I have trouble falling asleep (usually every night and up to even 2 hours). But if you don't have such a problem, I would advise to disconnect an hour of half before bedtime.

Andrei C.
usually about 10 minutes before it! it's important to rest your eyes well before sleeping and i wish i could do it even earlier than 10 minutes but you know, you can only break habits a small step at a time 🙂

Charell N.
I disconnect at 9pm and go to sleep at 11pm. Taking 2 hours to wind down during that time. I usually read a book and do some body stretches to wind down.

Ana P.
I like to disconnect for 20 ish minutes , because it just gives me time to reflect on life , but if I start feeling guilty or anxious about something I go on my phone to put some music on that helps me calm down

Yasmin J.
i start disconnecting at around 30 minutes before bed, but it does depend on each person. some recommend at least 30 minutes and others up to 2 hours. start small and see which amount of disconnection before bed helps your sleep quality improve.

Ethar O.
I usually start the disconnect habit when i sit on my bed i put my phone away from me and i turn off the wifi or turn off the volume so i won't hear anything that will distract me

Leonard U.
Mmmm I usually start mine about 20 to 30 minutes before I go to bed. So it’ll give me enough time to get ready for bed, and to clear my head and reflect on myself. I hope this can be helpful for you

Samuel O.
There's no rightor wrong awnser do your best one day I might disconnect 10min before bed and the next one 2hours before life is difficult and has a way of fighting our decision and habits we are trying to construct. Keep working at them and keep doing what you are doing, unwinding before bed is a great thing to do to reflect on your day

Destiny T.
I suggest that you should start the disconnect habit 1 hour before you go to bed. I should do this but its more like 10 minutes. Disconnecting an hour before will give you more energy and more sleep. For me I struggle to feel energized and I have troubles sleeping.

Megan F.
I have a hard time sleeping so it changes everyday. My app is set to go off at 10 pm and I usually start my habit immediately. Some days I don't fall asleep till 2 or 3 am.

Leonor G.
For me 30min is enough time to disconnect, if you feel that you need more, it’s up to you but give yourself at least 15min before bed to take a break

Ava V.
45 minutes before bed. It gives me time to say goodnight to my friends and family, brush & floss and journal my thoughts and reflect on my day.

Lennon Q.
I usually am on my phone or laptop at night then I go to the bathroom and get ready which takes about 10 minutes. Then I mostly read a book for about 10-15 minutes then turn my lights off and go to bed. So I say about 20-30 minutes.

Paulina O.
I try to disconnect at least half an hour before sleeptime. I turn on all my morning alarms and put the phone away to charge. Then I brew myself a cup of herbal tea, go to bed and read while drinking the beverage.

Antwan N.
When I start, I do it like 20mins to 40 mins. Most of the time I listen to music when I sleep so I have to get back on my phone.