What’s the best way to tackle clothes? That’s my problem. They’re everywhere😅😅

Killian Z.
I started by going through all my clothes and binning or donating all the ones I knew I wouldn’t use anymore, surprisingly enough, this opened up ample space for me to use for my current wearable wardrobe. So now that I have the space I fill it ASAP. If one item of clothing comes off that could be used again, then it’s back into drawers folded where I got it, or if it’s dirty and needs washing, straight into the wash basket. This all means the clothes are staying off the floor and never building up. Also try adding the clean and tidy habit, I do it every night now which helps just declutter my room of any mess gathered over the day.
Estefania Z.
First you have to determine if all the clothes you have are clothes you wear on a regular basis. If you find that you keep things just for the sake of having them there, give them to someone in need. Once you've declutter and narrowed it down to the important pieces, hang all the dresses, tops and jackets. Pants, skirts and underwear go folded (preferably in a drawer). Now that everything is organized, how do we keep it like that? With the power of HABIT. Make a habit to neatly put everything in its place as soon as you come home. If you've got your comfy lounge wear already picked out, all you need to do is take everything off, fold and hang and hook into the coziness. Try this for a few days in a row until you start doing it simply put of habit and because you don't like the look of everything lying around.
Hope this helps,
Keep up the good work ♡
Δάφνη Κούκου N.
I ve tried a lot of different ways of tackling clothes.. They are pretty much the same… The things you should check is the space (if you can utilise some more ) and of course you should try to divide your wardrobe and your other stuff into those categories : love them, don't fit in them for the longest time and old ones. Then again divide them into piles of: keep them, keep them for a while, give them to friends or to charity, and toss them away!
Lenny O.
Try putting them in there place every time you take them off. When you take off your coat, hang it up. And do laundry when you have the time to fully complete the tasks; wash, dry, fold & put away.