What tea is your favorite and why

Rachel U.
My favorite is English Breakfast. I really love the flavor. I like to add honey and lemon. I actually love all tea that I have ever tried, including herbal teas. One of my favorites with nothing added is Green tea.
Nienke G.
African sunshine from Simon Levelt, Dutch teabrand. Rooibos with Orange, roseleaves and lemon. Delicous, mild tea for every time of the day
Derek S.
I love lots of different teas, but I think my favourite is probably rose tea. It’s subtle at first, but I think the rose hips really help you relax and ground yourself. It’s never “just a cup of tea.” It’s being here in the moment. It’s calming down and finding something simple to enjoy in life when everything feels like a wreck.
Fouzia N.
I like mashala tea with all type of tea ingredient which is very help full . For health and body . So I like mashala black tea