what kind of books do you prefer to read?

Cecilie B.
I love to read mystery books because i find it rly fun to try and guess ahead 'who did it?' I also love fantasy and romance because I love travelling different worlds while being in the comfort of my own home!
Christa Y.
I enjoy reading thrillers with romance or just romance and african adventure books. Sometimes I even read teen books. They help me get back into the reading habit and are easier to read. My favourite authors are Nora Roberts and Tony Park.
Vanessa Y.
the kind of book that I prefer to read is fiction book. I like to read the nonfiction too, but the fiction is easier for me to finish it.
Albertine M.
Usually I loved getting lost in a good fantasy, sci-fi or romance novel. My favourites were those that had anything to do with mythical creatures; gods, vampires, witches whatever. However, recently I have been enjoying a good dose of fiction. I've been reading memoirs, poetry, and more.
Floyd Y.
Something that take me to an other world. It could be a normal slice of life book or romance and even I read really different books but if it's take me to the book itself than I'm happy.
Lara N.
Fantasy and young adult! Think of: throne of glass, a court of thornes and roses, cresent city, hungergames, harry potter, percy jackson, heroes of olympus, summoner, shatter me and more
Owh and also classics. Ima gonna finish Pride & prejudice tomorrow 🙂