Is fiction more calming than non-fiction?

Emma P.
Yes, I do think fiction is more calming than non-fiction. Many people think non-fiction is boring, and that can make people restless. Like biographies. Not many people want to sit there reading about someone’s whole life. But with fiction, you can read about anything. Having the choice between ghosts, princesses, and robots lets people sit back, relax, and enjoy the adventure.
J Lia P.
I do find fiction more calming than non-fiction. Fiction lets my mind wonder and imagine about other worlds, very far far away. It calms my mind and gives me hope.
Gretl U.
it depends on what it is. for example i find non fiction about nature and travelling extremely relaxing, whereas a fiction could be too action packed
Izabel N.
I think non fiction because it’s easier to relate to something that has actually happened in your life with a non fiction book so y don’t go back and think about how it’s not real with fiction book.