What is the best journal you’ve found?

Sofi N.
The best journal has probably been one of the cheapest journals I’ve ever purchased: a TRU RED Medium Graph Staples grey journal. Besides having the best measurements for myself, a huge plus is the aesthetic. However, what truly makes the journal the best is how I used it…making a bullet journal! In this bullet journal I keep track of my habits, mood, health, self care, and reflect via brain dumps or logs. Therefore, I highly recommend this journal (as it’s a perfect fit for a bujo!)
Yoan R.
The best journal I have found is a good old fashioned composition notebook. One page is the perfect size for 1 joirnal entry.
Dayna Z.
The best journal is the one you write in! I personally like the Moleskin Cahier Journal with no lines. Right now I'm using a hard bound sketch book with no lines I found in a thrift store for a dollar. Whatever works!