what exotic tea do you enjoy?

Tancredi V.
Hm! Honestly, I'm a trivial tea-drinker, but lately I felt in love with peach tea. It's
so naturally sweet that I don't even have to put sugar in it. Give it a chance!☕🍑

Delta P.
T2 strawberries & cream.
I like it as iced tea.
For a hot tea, I enjoy Harney & Sons Paris tea.. it tastes like biscuits.

Bria P.
Most teas that I drink aren't considered "exotic", such as green tea and vanilla honey chamomile. I enjoy a cup of both each day. However, there is a tea that I once enjoyed that has become much harder to find in my area. It is called Chinese oolong tea. I haven't had it in years but I used to drink it on a daily basis.