What are some sugar-free, low-carb breakfast options?

Brandon E.
I’m alternating smoothies ( made with nut milk,greens, berries) and “Veggie Scrambles” (assorted veggies and eggs). Not sugar-free but low sugar and healthy carbs.
Lucas X.
One option could be 2 slices of wholemeal bread with 3 spoons of avocado and 1 egg or 2 slices of wholemeal bread with 2 spoons of organic honey and 4 slices of goat cheese
Anastasia G.
Avocado on Bread without yeast and scrambled eggs on top is my favorite breakfast. If you are low on time, i eat one greek yogurt and put chea seeds in it with a banana. Also can't forget coffee
Jesus A.
When I have time I prepare some oatmeal with rice meal, ginger, honey and cinnamon and add apple, pear, banana, raisins and different kinds of seeds or nuts. Whatever I feel like I’m that specific morning. Careful with adding to much honey if you want free-sugar you can eat without honey and fruits. However, this ingredients have some other good nutrients and stronger fibers than refined sugar, with means that your body takes longer time to process it.
Estelle Z.
I eat boiled egg daily and rice together with hotdog, cornes beef, tocino and others. But boiled egg is always part of my breakfast.
Eckhard U.
Mega veg and egg whites is good. Big salad. Egg omelette with veggies. Fruit and yogurt.
Small sandwiches.
Crackers cheese and beet salad.
Paul S.
Every morning I choose to eat white cheese with high protein percentage. This way I'm sure I kickstart my day with the right building blocks for my tissues
Birger F.
Sugar-free is not a necessary limitation for a great breakfast. Today I had a banana and some yogurt. I look for low-sugar, natural yogurt. Adding an egg would have been a more sustaining breakfast if I had time. I have some granola I can snack on when I get to work!
Freja C.
That depends on what you're aiming for. Whole food carbs are fantastic for you, as well as some natural sugars. Added sugar and highly processed and refined carbohydrates are the bad guys, not fruits and vegetables. Try a green smoothie or sweet potato toast with avocado and see how much better you feel! Your nutrition and digestion will be very grateful.
Christoffer U.
Almond / cashew milk . Banana . Peanut butter smoothie
Or pita bread with tomatoes baked eggs and herbs

Sweet potatoe apple cheese ok cocktail sticks

Fish baked with lemon with rice like in Asia with a little amino acid

Elias C.
First, after 30 years of having cream and sweetener in my coffee, I gave it up. Took 5 days in a row and now I love black coffeee!

I then make a quick omelet of 2 eggs and baby spinach/kale. Yummy and keeps me full til noon!

Andre F.
Granola, yogurt and fresh fruits with few walnuts in it is my favorite. It is quick, it makes me full, and I feel refreshed.
Christopher E.
oatmeal are great because you have so many options. You try with yoghurt or milk, you try with fruit or dried fruit, i like with nuts too. İf you will eat that you are not easily bored
Heidi G.
For me? Eggs, eggs, eggs! With apples and cinnamon and nuts as a sort of crossover between strudel and omelette. Boiled, mashed, anything.
Yasemin E.
Eggs! I normally eat some blueberries with them… I’m not how blueberries stack up sugar content wise… but a good compliment
Alberte C.
Almond protein shake
Unsweetened almond or coconut milk – 300ml
Almond butter – 1-2 tablespoons
Whey protein – 30g
Blueberries (frozen are best)
Add some stevia and or vanilla to sweeten
Hans Wolfgang Z.
Eggs, bacon, salad, avocado. I also love meal replacements that have 0 carb 0 sugar. Handful of nuts been a great quick option as well
Eva F.
Scrambled eggs. Or fried. Over easy. With salsa. Or poached – with butter. Or froached. Bacon is good, high fat and good for the soul.
Yann E.
There is this banana pancake recipe, it is very delicious
All you need is just 1 banana and 1 egg. You just mix them and then fry them on the pan.
Kristin W.
For vegetarians – oat porridge, sprouts, banana shake (also high in good fats), tofu, cheese, baked beans

For non vegetarians – eggs (best breakfast food ever), tuna, salami, bacon, ham

Gabriel Q.
For me? Eggs but maybe not in break, so like am omelette? Fruit and stuff is good too. If I liked milkshakes I'd say those.
Doreen Y.
I like to make eggs in the morning. They take less than 5 minutes to make and are a good source of protein. I also make two pieces of toast and put on some peanut butter. This is my breakfast also every morning. Low maintenance cheap and healthy
Mohammed G.
I prefer boiled eggs without yolk and organic protein shake. Sometimes oats or fruits or Kellogg’s are the best options.