What are good ways to read more and how can I read more effectively?

Gabi S.
A good way to read more is too read books that you are very entertained by and want to know what happenes next. When you read books like that you'll most likely want to read more to find out what will happen next (regarding to fiction)
Freja E.
Always keep a book near your bed to remind you to read either of the morning, or at night before bed. Try to pick short stories, or maybe books that are slightly below your age group if your new to reading so that you don't overwhelm yourself too early on. Reading longer and more difficult books gets easier with practice, so start small
Armin N.
Take the time to do it and have a habit of doing it before you go to bed for example. And figuring out hwat kinds of books you like help with the motivation
Soan Z.
I have a lot of unread books on my bookshelf. To work on making a dent, I set reading for 30 minutes as part of my evening routine so i have a set time to do it. I read a chapter or two at a time because I don't like to pick up and put down a book in the middle of a chapter, so I usually go over or under the 30 minutes. My biggest problem a while back was that I didn't really know what I liked to read, so I found myself struggling to keep reading and letting my attention wander the pages when I tried. If you have this problem, don't be shy about quitting books you can't get into, though it helps to figure out what about the writing you don't like. I personally will not buy a book if I'm not interested by the end of the first full page. I'm sure a lot of people would object that this isn't enough to know if the book is good. In my experience, if there are early problems with unecessary detail or a writing style, I don't enjoy, they will almost always continue for the rest of the book.
Zilma I.
Reading is not just reading, it's like entering to another world, so when you think in this way you will read more effectively
Skye N.
I actually happen to love reading but I always end up running out of time to which is so annoying. I still don’t read everyday and I just forget how good it can be for me, a big thing I try to do is as soon as I wake up I don’t even look at my phone and I just read. Sometimes if I really don’t feel like it I just set myself a goal to read only 5 pages, and then I just end up reading loads more ! I think reading just before you go to sleep is so helpful as well as it relaxes you and just gets your mind into sleep mode. Literally just set aside 5 minutes before you go to bed where you can read, it’s only a small 5 minutes of your day spent doing something productive and I bet you will feel great for doing it too. And maybe you could try this for a week and then the next week try 10 minutes? But don’t put yourself down if you don’t, at least you are trying to make a positive change in your life and only reading 1 page a day is better then reading no pages at all. You’ve got to start somewhere 🙂
Juan U.
Good ways to read more effectively is making reading a habit and a part of your schedule. Just taking 30 minutes out of your day to read, everyday will have huge beneficial impacts in your life. You will strengthen your vocabulary, grammar, writing, and even your creativity in literature. Or simply just take time out of your day and relax. How I would make reading a part of my lifestyle and make it become a routine, is dedicate a time during the day just for reading. The best time would be in the afternoon or evening, before bed. During this time I would put away all electronics: phones, turn off tv, computers, ex. and fine a quiet, comfortable place in my house to settle in. Starting off small such as reading every other day, or on the weekends and then gradually making it an everyday thing is probably the best way to go about it. Also remembering to read something that you would enjoy or find interesting to motivated yourself is important. That way, you actually enjoy those 30 mins, even couple of hours, of just reading.