I love reading when I’m doing it but it’s always the initial step of opening a new book that’s the problem, how do you convince yourself to start reading?

Roger T.
My advice would be to read a book you’re genuinely excited to read. If that’s not the problem, or you have to read something you’re not looking forward to, reading for just ten minutes (or ten pages) every day helps. If you carry on further then great, but if not then you’ve still read for those ten minutes and maybe you’ll get further tomorrow!
Giliane Q.
I make goals for myself. I tell myself when I should finish the book and my pace and speed of reading a book. Also if there is a movie on the book, motivate yourself to finish the book first before watching the movie. Also have a schedule of when to read, because you will get into the habit of the schedule. Hopes this helps :))
Sabrina Y.
For that, I always choose a book that I know I will love to read, with a story that I can’t put down. I also enjoy a nice cup of hot tea or coffee with my books !
Piss O.
Forgive my name, one thing I like to try is to immerse yourself into it as soon as possible. For example, during the first two chapters or so of a book imagine it as a movie you’re the narrator of. That way, you’re not really reading it for yourself, but for the “audience” kinda. Once it picks up, it usually starts to gain its own life though and you can just be along for the ride. Hope this helps!
Manar U.
I personally love reading, and started reading since I was in first grade, but you should pick books you're interested in. You could close all electronics and put them in another room, and try to read at least read 10 pages, Trust me after you read the first page you'll be hooked.
Barbara N.
I put it on my to do list for the day. I love crossing off stuff so it encourages me to start reading . Once I start it’s hard to stop! I guess I should put stop reading on my list as well!😊
Teobaldo Q.
I think that you should use the fact that you like reading to motivate yourself to do it. Maybe tell yourself something like “I love reading. If I open this book and start reading, I’ll have so much fun!” You can also give yourself a reward for finishing a book. Maybe you’ll go out to dinner, or spend time with friends. I personally love reading, so it’s not hard for me to get started. I might not be the best person to answer this question, so you don’t have to take my advice. Anyways, have a great day 🙂
Arista I.
Start with setting a timer for 30 minutes and treat it like a challenge, daily, before you know it you will be back into the habit or you will find your self not wanting to close the book after your timer goes off. I also vote for real books I find reading on my phone or tablet is distracting, need to put ur phone away!
Romuald F.
I'm convinced by the desire to escape from reality and routine, and to fully immerse my self into a new story. I also think that reading helps me keep my mind active, and add more and more words to my vocabulary.
Abdulah C.
Don't read any overview of the book or short summaries. Don't spoil it. Simply open the book and start page by page. Set yourself daily minimum by time or page and start doing it. Don't cheat because you're cheating yourself. First read few books you think you'd like, and then when you're pushed by inertia start with books you need to read or books you're afraid to start. You'll be already near end before you realize and at the end you'll be proud of yourself and start with new book and.
Lexy N.
Buy a book that excites you and you’ll want to pick it up and start reading. Once you are invested in that, pick up a second book you have to read or want to but aren’t that excited I’m. Read them side by side or at least a few chapters of the other. Once you’ve finished the first, you’ll just be carrying on with the second, not starting it brand new, so it won’t seem so scary
Cyndi S.
I’ve always loved reading, but after becoming a mom 7 months ago, it’s been difficult to pick it back up (other than books to read to my daughter). In the time I’ve been home from work because of the coronavirus, I decided to read before bed. Then when I downloaded Fabulous, reading became part of my evening routine. Maybe make it part of yours so you just do it.
Victoria T.
I've always enjoyed reading. What motivates me is how my imagination runs wild when am reading. it's not limited. and I love the feeling.
Lena A.
Set yourself the small goal.lf even reading for 5 minutes and then after that you'll naturally want to continue reading. Or pair reading with an activity like getting a morning coffee which is usually done habitually
Suhail N.
Ahhh same!! Sometimes its dragging to open up a book. I start off by disconnecting from the media, make sure where I'm about to sit is tidy, have a snack and a drink nearby and literally stare at the book till it somehow convinces me to start reading it. Lol. That is for a book thats not as good as i thought it would be when i picked it up. If it's entertaining you have to convince me to put it down lol.
Daiani C.
You gotta find a way to evoke a feeling of anticipation. What helps me is to think about the following things: how is it going to make me feel or it's made me feel before (reading that particular book)?; what is going to be happening in my imagination and my mind?; what excites me about this book and what am I hoping to find in this book? Usually this is enough to submerge me in the feeling of excitement and I can't wait to read more.
Lior P.
I face this problem too. Usually, what helps me is to put my phone away, disconnect from the screens, and just sit with a cup of coffee or tea. That way, I am calm and relaxed and doing nothing else. With the distractions away, I am open to something else. It may still be a little challenging to start a new book, but normally, after a chapter or two, you already have a "flow".
Victoria P.
That’s the same thing for me! I convince myself to start reading by thinking about all the books people have read and told me about and saying, “ The faster I read this the more time I will have to read that.” It also helps to have a list of good books to read, so you know the book your supposed to read it super good.
Malthe P.
I can’t answer that question because I am mostly excited to start reading my book. Maybe you can reward yourself after you start reading your book.
Muhsina X.
Pick up the books that interest you only and do it as soon as you see them. You can continue reading them or scrap it if you don’t like it later on. Don’t worry about finishing the others first. You don’t have to complete a book before picking another. Actually, you don’t have to complete a book ever unless you want to.
T O O.
I like to read books that teach me something. Thinking that what I learn will make me a better version of myself. So when I see the goal of being my best self it's gives me the drive to start something new.
Yana N.
Find a book that you cannot wait to read. Something that you're thinking about coming back to all day. And build around it. Don't just plan to read, but plan to read with a mug of hot tea and some biscuits. So that it's something you can't wait to go do.
Riu S.
I convince myself in reading by thinking of the benefit that the book or article could give me. Like the information that I can learn from it.
Abigail O.
I always love to read a book that I think I will enjoy, something that interests me. Also put every distraction away (phone, ext.), that will help you!
Katie O.
I read mainly motivation books so I have times when I won’t read at all but when I feel I need a boost I start again. I make it part of my routine, before I sleep I set aside 30minutes. I also use an acupuncture mat so they tie in nicely together. Having your book and reading glasses readily available might just do the trick. Good luck you’ll do it!
Hatice Z.
Fiction requires a lot of faith, but I’ve recently gotten into reading commentary on subjects in my field, and I tend to have a quicker sense of whether it is worth reading or not
Claudilene Q.
I like to think about the amazing benefits of reading. For me it's being able comprehend words and messages better. I also learn new words through exposure and proper grammar. These are great things for a student, or a life long learner.

I also imagine myself into the pleasure of being lost into words. Knowing that by picking up this book, I'll be transported into a different timeline and world. Knowing that your place right now won't be of importance for the story is very peaceful. It's the amazing feeling to be reading a book, having emotions from pure words like a chuckle or a tear, and almost just living the book instead of reading the words. The great feeling of your mind automatically converting words into scenes and other senses is an experience you can't find elsewhere. An experience guaranteed to happen once you open up that book.

Daisy T.
Find a boook you want to read. How to do this: I look at the front cover and read the title if that is interesting then I read the blurb at the back of the book and then if I like that I read tue the first page. If I like all that I borrow it and start reading ASAP.
Alisha J.
I myself struggled to pick up a book initially and believe that was because I didn’t have the focus to want to want to read. The idea was always there but I would forget to do it.
How I changed that was I choose to make more time for quite time I.e. less phone and tv time and took myself to a quite spot in the house made myself comfortable and finally allowed myself the time and will to read.
I hope this helps 🙂 I am currently tucked into bed, locked myself away from my sisters and about to read a book myself.
Tracy S.
The alarm of fabulous helps a lot. Once it alarms, put down your phone and pick up the book, telling yourself that I only read 30 min then I could go back to whatever I was doing previously. I know at the end your book will keep you inside…