I don’t really like tear; prefer coffee… I’m addicted to it. I wish I could could learn to like drinking more tea 😊πŸ₯°

Raimund U.
The knowledge on tea has helped many that aren't necessarily tea drinkers. There's different categories of tea and I'd like to believe there is something for everyone. You have the option of trying something cool or hot. You also have different types of sweetness or the option for some tea is to let the natural flavor be enough. It takes trail and error. David's tea has been great for someone who really doesn't have an interest in tea. They make tea fun and interesting. It's an online site and they deliver. They have select stores in the States. My favourite are herbals and I was always intimidated by blacks if it wasn't for iced sweet tea but recently I tasted Earl grey from Stash and added two teaspoons of my sweetner and two dashes of my favourite milk and it was very tasty. Same with Irish breakfast tea and they have been all I've wanted. Took me a few years to figure that out πŸ˜… me out for myself. Good luck on your tea journey!
Alice F.
Try different teas. I happen to love breakfast tea, but my colleagues in the office only drink herbal teas. Find what works for you. Personally I prefer the ritual of tea, I use a small teapot so I can tell myself 'now is tea time' and I focus on what I'm doing rather than just go through the motions. It helps me with my focus in life. Maybe find some way to make your coffee into ritual, to really make the most of that moment
Turgo S.
I believe taking small cups of tea helps. Also, you really need to find your favorite tea: this makes all the difference!!
Joseph E.
Well I think you should give it a try because it tastes good and it has a lot of benefits , Also there is many kinds of tea , U choose whatever you like .. I’m the opposite of you I don’t drink coffee but I will try it one day
Zee O.
The best way to find teas you may like is to try different flavors. I use tea to amplify spicy foods I eat or to have something warm and caffeine free before bed. Start with a fruit flavor and explore from there. I too enjoy coffee A LOT but I need breaks from the robustness of it (plus the milk and sugar I add to it). Check out companies like Celestial Teas or Harney and Sons. TG Tips or Twinnings.
Lorna Q.
Sometimes it is good to first try drinking iced tea – you can buy fruit flavoured syrups from most supermarkets or amazon. This was how I got into tea. After drinking this for a while, try a cup of hot tea – you will find the familiar flavour comforting but the heat more soothing than iced tea β€οΈβ˜•οΈ
Christine G.
I found a great middle ground between coffee and tea! There's a brand of herbal blends called Teeccino that is the best coffee substitute I've found: https://teeccino.com/
You can find the products in some grocery stores, and on Amazon.com. I started with the Dandelion Dark Roast, which tastes like a mocha if you add milk or cream. The chicory really does give it a coffee flavor, and it absolutely looks like black coffee. Try it and see what you think! πŸ™‚
Maddie Y.
I love coffee too! But also love tea. Sometimes I feel like my body is dirty on the inside from drinking too much coffee, so I think of tea as a β€œscrub” for my insides πŸ˜‚. Something that is also helpful is to find the type of tea you like – do you like bitter or light? If you like bitter go for a black tea, if you like light go for a white one. Or if you want something more in the middle, green tea is your friend!
Tinchu F.
I am also a coffee lover. Try taking mild flavoured tea with less sugar. It would more likely feel like flavoured hot water. So gradually you Might shift towards drinking tea. This what I tried. Hope you will find it helpful too.
In S A.
The key is basically to start with a low caffeine one and looking for flavours, there's a huge spectrum of teas and infusions that you can choose from.
A tea that i will recommend for you is actually lavender and lemon or apple and cinammon spice or Earl Grey they have the booster you are looking for in the morning and it still have low balances(earl grey) to none of caffeime
The way to get rid of it its slowly, in fact first in addiction therapy they actually give them doses of said drug and lower the amount mixing it up with the supplement slowly until its only the supplement.
Hope I helped, I'm a big tea drinker
Be Ta N.
Based on your fondness of coffee, I would try a strongly flavored tea first. Personally, chamomile is my favorite, but it does not fit the bill this time. I would recommend that you try either a mixture of berries (e.g. raspberry & cranberry is a popular combo) or something with ginger and citrus. If you use teabags, then let them soak a little longer than the instructions on the box indicates (e.g. 8-10 minutes instead of just 2). If you like your coffee black, then try drinking your tea without any sugar or honey. Start drinking while it is still hot. Sip by sip. Enjoy your tea, there is no rush, relax, take your time. There is no need to put your mug down if it feels hot. Relish the warmth that seeps through from the mug into your palms. I do believe that the trick to find delight in a cup or mug of tea comes only in part from the kind of tea itself. Savoring the flavor, the fragrance, and the warmth are all equally important. I hope you reach your goal of becoming a tea lover!😊
Tracy L.
I had preferred coffee over tea too. If you can’t find a tea you like (I prefer the flavored ones, teavana is my favorite with the jade citrus mint or the youth berry and orange blossom), you could try drinking coffee black vs adding anything.

However there are a lot of teas out there with many different flavors!

I think the drinking tea is two fold, one to not drink soda with the added sugars but also because of natural ingredients. It may also be just to get you to stop and drink a warm beverage during a hectic day to help relax (tea although some do contain caffeine can have a calming effect vs the ramp up rush that coffee gives; although I could argue a cup of coffee has a relaxing effect for me at times!)

There is no basis in fact from the above statement just observations I have made by adding tea into my afternoon routine.

Good luck!