How do you plan your day? I have to work for my job and have to study for a big exam. 24 hours for a day isn’t enough for me 🙈

Norma W.
Tricky. I’m not good at planning but I write a list. Always helps and I tick things off which makes me feel like I’ve achieved things
Charline Z.
24 hours is all you have so the only approach is to be productive. I think the practice of picking the top three items each day is key to focus, and focus is the most important aspect of being productive.
Tamara E.
When I had exams while working full time, I would figure out what I needed to study, then I would calculate the number of days I had left to study. I would divide what I had to study by the number of days I had left to study before the exam.
Aaron U.
I make sure to split my time up so that I'm not overly focused on one thing. This way, I can put a little time into each one of my responsibilities.