How do you immerse yourself into a book?

Tracey N.
I allow my imagination to create the scenarios as I was in a dream or a memorie. This makes me free to explore all the things that the book offers me, besides that makes the story more accurate, all of this keeps me engaged to the book.
Stanley F.
I read what I like! I don’t force myself to finish any book that I don’t like. There are so many great ones! Why waste your time?

Right now, with the virus, it’s hard for me to concentrate so I read short stories instead of novels or a book that’s an easy read for me.

Also, sometimes I make reading luxurious: a cozy blanket, a cup of cocoa. Or in warmer weather in the hammock with an iced tea. When I can persuade my 14yo to read with me, that’s the best! So companionable!

Reginald S.
First choose your favourite topics or a good author. Choose a comfortable place to read, minimise distractions. Try to immerse in the characters’ experiences, make them yours. And last but not least take your time. Reading has to be a pleasant activity. Enjoy reading!
Peter Q.
I try to pic books according to my taste and usually it comes by itself. Of course it is more effective when you can identify with at least one of the characters.
Toledo Q.
If that’s the one you like then you should be.
Also leave your phone far away and pick a spot just for reading, listen to non-lyrical music and read 🤟
Emily G.
I would recommend intently focusing on the book. Pay attention to the characters, the stories, and settings. How do they make you feel? Thoughts are bound to rise up, but let them come and go. Don't engage with unhelpful thoughts.just let them pass and continue to keep your attention on your book. Make sure you comprehend what is happening, and absorbing the information. Don't just skim over the words. Also, it helps if you have an interest in the book. Choose genres that you enjoy, with well-written characters. Appreciate the story and presentation. Reading is a leisurely process, it shouldn't feel like a chore.
Christen X.
I keep myself interested and focus on little goals. Such as reading a chapter and trying to to tune out the outside world.
Mike C.
I understand the difficulty of focusing on a book, especially when there are so many things to think about. Try to dedicate your attention to the book, and if you find yourself wandering off, notice that and bring your focus back. It's similar to meditation, actually. It helps if the book is interesting and you care about the characters and outcome. If you find the book to be uninteresting, than I suggest finding one more suitable to your tastes.