Do you prefer your tea with honey or sugar?

Lauren R.
I think I prefer tea with honey rather than sugar because it seems more organic, but I tend to have my tea with sugar just because it's more accessible

Nuran O.
Depends on the type of tea and how I'm feeling. If it's some more bitter type of tea and I want to make it a little sweeter to help me enjoy it's taste, I'll choose honey, but with fruit tea, I'm more likely to choose sugar. But preferably, I like my tea unsweeteaned.

Antoinette J.
Either of the two is great. I make my choice depending on my mood and also the type of day I’m having. Tea is fantastic, be it a sip or an entire pot. 🤗🤗

Seven R.
Honestly I’m not a huge fan of honey but I still eat it a lot because my family really likes it but I would never put it in my tea because I like tea with sugar and you know like cream or milk a lot more