Do you prefer your tea with honey or sugar?

Vivan E.
Depends on the type of tea I'm drinking and what time of day it is if it's at night time I usually like a lemon and honey tea to help me feel calm and comfortable while reading my evening book. But in the afternoon I usually have a black tea like lady gray or earl gray with some cream and sugar while reading my afternoon book
Denise U.
I actually take my English tea with sweetener but occasionally, when I'm out, I treat myself with sugar. For my herbal teas, I always use honey
Seven R.
Honestly I’m not a huge fan of honey but I still eat it a lot because my family really likes it but I would never put it in my tea because I like tea with sugar and you know like cream or milk a lot more
Lauren R.
I think I prefer tea with honey rather than sugar because it seems more organic, but I tend to have my tea with sugar just because it's more accessible
Anita U.
Usually I don't like my tea with any sweetener but if I had to choose I would prefer honey in general besides it's a traditional tea that is supposed to have sugar from time to time but honey has a nicer flavour and more of a comfy homey feeling to it
D Borah C.
I usually drink tea without adding anything to it, it’s better for my teeth; even though I still like the sweetened flavour, it all depends on which tea I’m drinking anyway both honey and sugar taste good with tea 🙂
Lily T.
I prefer Truvia sugar, because it's low calorie and sweeter. Honey has to many carbs and it doesn't taste good with English Breakfast tea.
Bahar N.
At first thank you From your nice question I prefer tea without sugar or honey but sometimes yeah it’s a good idea to have some changes in our routine
Victor N.
I prefer it bitter- no honey or sugar, but if i had to choose one it’d be honey considering it’s ‘healthier’ than sugar.
Nuran O.
Depends on the type of tea and how I'm feeling. If it's some more bitter type of tea and I want to make it a little sweeter to help me enjoy it's taste, I'll choose honey, but with fruit tea, I'm more likely to choose sugar. But preferably, I like my tea unsweeteaned.
Antoinette J.
Either of the two is great. I make my choice depending on my mood and also the type of day I’m having. Tea is fantastic, be it a sip or an entire pot. 🤗🤗
Zofia N.
My brain want be also Happy and it s why I push my body. Brain is enjoy when the tasak is Done and I m Happy when I going sleep…;)