Which book you prefer me to read?? Do let me know!!✌🏻

Robyn N.
OOOOOH!! okay so, ive been reading "Wings of fire" ITS REALLY GOOD!! the characters are sooo likeable. also, things like heroes of olympus, the hunger games and harry potter. i like singular books like, "the kingdom" and so much more- hhhhh im trying to get into reading at the moment, cuz its really relaxing!!
Anabelle Y.
Well, that depends on your interests. You should read some star wars books if you're into sci-fi. I reccomend lemonade mouth and star girl if you like contemporary or romance. Some that I will probably soon be reading that are like that are all the bright places, the fault in our stars, five feet apart, and 100 days of sunlight. If you're into action and adventure, I dont read much of those kinds of books but I like the wings of fire series. If you like graphic novels there's the wings if fire graphic novel series. There's also lots of graphic novels by raina telgemeir that are great. Those are just my recommendations but I think you should ask some friends. They know you better than I do.
Mat J U.
Well i obviously read book about design or typography, but that is not for everybody, yesterday I ordered book called the power of habit cause I want to be better and Work moΕ™e evectively, so I want to get inspired by Reading this book, the books I can