What’s your favorite tea(s)?

Regina J.
I love all kinds of tea however green tea is my favourite with a bit of lime or lemon. Once you get use to it, believe me you wouldn't go back.

Tiger P.
Where are the answers to these questions? I’ve answered this question 3 different times. I have asked questions but never seen any answers

Nitika N.
I enjoy drinking teas made using fresh ingredients than the readymade tea bags available in the market. These two are my favourite teas:
1. Mixing equal parts (1/3rd of each) of cumin seeds, fennel seeds and coriander seeds (1 spoon in 1 cup of water) in boiling water
2. Ginger and lemon tea (sometimes mixed with tulsi leaves)

Sonia E.
I really don’t have a favorite one, I drink peppermint, mint, green, and any that reduces inflammation and gives you a flat tummy.

Shari N.
My favorite tea is Chai, I love it hot with a hint of sweetness, usually a tap of raw sugar. I have tried it iced, but it just doesn’t bring out the flavor of the spices in it like having it hot does.

Maricarmen T.
My favorite is Herbalife chai tea, then Herbalife peach tea. They have green and black tea, and they boost your energy a lot!