whats your favorite place to read?

Camilla Z.
Well it depends
If it's cold in my bed or near a fireplace
If its spring and weather is nice near a tree or in a chair outside if it's hot I prefer inside with the ac on but it's your preference
Aamna U.
Wherever I am in the mood is fine for me, could be in bed, window seat, terrace, office even. I find putting too much emphasis on trivia (location, time ….) or being a perfectionist can be an escape method for the procrastinator inside us.
Sabina Amalia O.
Well, it depends on tge genre of the book. For example, when I read sci-fi I like to read in darker places (e.g.bedroom), and when I read romance novels I like doing it outside. I guess I like to make some kind of connection between whatever I read and the environment I do it in.