How often should I read, and how long?

Beatrice S.
I have reading in two of my routines, half an hour in the afternoon and half an hour before bed. The afternoon one perks me up in the middle of the daily “slump” around 2 PM, and I read something exciting like sci-fi or fantasy. Before bed, I read history, biography, or something similarly educational. Interesting enough, but not so engaging that I can’t wind down.
Skye I.
If you’re not a reader, I say start off reading as much as you can handle. Whether it’s a page a day or a chapter a day, anything is better than nothing. Reading is such a multifaceted tool; it’s relaxing, educating, eye opening, etc.
Khadija N.
Try to read everyday…to improve your reading skills and to avoid using you phone at the moment…maybe for 15 minutes but more is better…for myself i read a chapter a day…4 or 5 pages…it takes aboit 20 mins
Rebecca P.
Personally, I read every day or at least try my best to. I always read for a half hour at least, but usually more around an hour, sometimes two. I generally gage my reading by pages or chapters. Fifty pages is generally very good per day.
Sophia N.
i believe you should read pretty often. Perhaps reading every day for 30 minutes will help! It will improve your reading and writing skills as you learn more and more vocabulary each day. It can even be an online book, like from Wattpad or AOU! Read on😎
Cinira Z.
Well, you should read whenever or wherever you like it. It's better to read if your focused so that you can concentrate in reading a book.
How long? It depends on you. If you're not focused, don't continue reading. But if you got lost in the book, just continue it even if you stay up late at night reading it.
Cl Mence Q.
You should read all the time 5 times a day like me i read half of the book every day my fav book is “Diary of wimpy kid” haily recomend
Felix Z.
You should read daily, even if it is just one page, what it matters is to make progress. Every night, put down your phone and read one page before you go to sleep.
Mia N.
At least twice a week, since there’s not always time. I read a chapter or two depending on my mood, or the plot, I may read more.
Tristan U.
I think you should read multiple times a week. Maybe 3 times maybe 5 times. It depends on how much reading you want to do and how much you want your reading to improve. Read anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours. If you get lost in your book you will probably read for awhile. You might need little breaks in between your reading if you read for long hours to move and drink water.
Candace N.
I try to read every day until I get tired of reading which varies sometimes it’s 30 minutes sometimes it’s an hour it just depends
Razan N.
If you are beginner I think you should start with A-15 minutes reading every day
B-easy and small books
C-Join a reading challenge
Sheila P.
I would try to read at least once a day and for 30 minutes if you have enough time but even 10 minutes will still help you improve your reading skills
Alia265 F.
You should read for about 30 minutes each day. I try to implement some reading and tea before I sleep so I can sleep better.
Milie G.
I think reading is something that you should enjoy doing if you want to do it More than once. As for the time it is all ready great if you can do about 10 minutes! I would say 15 to 20 is just enough to not get bored. I really hope this helps.
Olivia G.
Hey! I am a person that believe that reading is for people that love it. So, read everyday things that you like, in the end, if you like the book the time doesn't matter at all.
Dani Q.
Hey! I started with a goal of 30 minutes but with my busy schedule it seemed too much at first. Start with ten minutes a day and try it every day. Now, I find if I miss a day I really miss my reading. I also have worked up to 30 minutes a day, but still feel good even if I only sneak in ten minutes. Set the goal low so you can really achieve it. Then when you do extra, you’ll be proud of yourself.
عبدالله يونس N.
Not much but make it habit.. After you stabelize your habit increase as much as you like…another thing, Read to apply not just reading
Katrine E.
You should read at least a chapter a day or as much as you’d like. It won’t help if you’re not a reader. Do not force yourself to do anything that you have no interest in. But if you are a reader, then read away my friend 🙂 !! Reading is food for knowledge, your imagination, anything you can think of. Whenever you’re tired of reading, it’s okay to stop and come back to it later if you want. Thanks for asking !
Ph M U.
I think daily is best, every other day is fine. If I have time, that'll be great if I can read for 1-2 hours, but for every day rading, 30 minutes is good enough
Maya O.
If you read for ten minutes you will start getting a relaxing affect. Maybe a bit longer and you will be ready to be relaxed anytime! Make sure it’s a good book!
San O.
Read before bed it's an awesome way to unwind and relieve yourself of the stresses that eat us up on a daily basis or so. Read however much you want . Even 10mins before bed . Reading doesn't have to be just before bed neither . Read when you feel like.
Faith O.
In my opinion, you should read every day, but it's not really about the quantity it's about the quality …

So, pick a good book or a novel, or a short story…

And start with one chapter a day, if one chapter is a lot, you can take just half of it…

Also, you can set a reminder for yourself, in the morning, in the evening, or even right before you go to sleep, it could be in your break…

Just grab the book or an ebook, and read it…

If you're not a reader and wish to start reading, or would like to read some certain book, you can look up its audio version and listen to it while working out or relaxing….
Reading is good for your mind and soul, so it's really important to include it in your daily routine.

Good luck,
Jody MQ

Pearl R.
I personally love to read and it all really depends on the book you have. If you are reading a book and you hate it get a different one. my book that I am reading right now is called all the bright places and I love reading it. I think that you should read at least 30 minutes I like to read before bed but you can decide when you want to read.
Krzysztof O.
If you read half an hour each day you can become the type of person that completes 20+ books a year! I know it can be hard to find time but it helps to make it part of your bedtime routine.
Felix X.
its personal. I read every day, something…the news, a chapter out of a book(more if time permits) anything at all,so long as you're reading n challenging yourself too…don't only read what you're used to…expand.
Areba X.
I won't tell you to read for an hour or thirty minutes. I will recommend you to choose a book you like. I am not a person who reads and im trying to make it into my habit. And as i know if you are reading what you like and you're going with the author deep in the book you will foeget about the time. If you keep looking at the watch thinking when it will end thats no use. Read what interests you
Maria M.
You should read first thing every morning, perhaps with a cup of tea or coffee, in order to wake up your mind and boost your motivation. Speaking of duration, you are free to read as much or as little as you want. Do not force yourself to finish a chapter if you are not really feeling like it. Enjoy the read!
Nelson S.
Reading expands your mind, your imagination, your reality. Reading every day can help you escape from the stresses of your world, or it can give you more information about it. There is a lot of positive benefits to reading, I recommend doing it everyday. However, getting sucked into a book can be like social media in the way that it takes time from being productive. I would say half an hour to an hour every day sometime before bed. If you have nothing else to do, you can read instead of watch tv. Any time that you dont have other responsibilities is a good time to open your book, however be wary of the time.
William J.
It really depends on you. For example, I have an easy time focusing on reading so I do nearly every day for an hour or more. However, if you want to try reading more maybe try once a day for 15 minutes or so?
Lester B.
It depends on your final goal, why you want to read? In my case I started small, 5min but when I got to read something interesting I would spend 1h. Choose books on themes that are appealing to you.
Martina N.
Normally I read 30 minutes or 1 hour a day, but some people don’t have this time so I recommend 15 minutes or 1 chapter of a book
Sarah O.
Every day for atleast 15 minutes. Reading can provide you with an escape or simply time to relax and join another “world”. Read as much as you can for however long you can, even if it’s all day
Taya U.
30 minutes a day should be the bare minimum and always catch up as soon as possible if you haven't done your daily minimum.
Martha J.
Try starting at just ten to fifteen minutes and if it's hard to keep going then get a better book. Read for as long as it feels good to do so and as often as you like! I highly recommend reading daily, it's calming and I find it helps my concentration generally, too. There are loads of options to cut the cost, including charity shops and ebooks. Have fun!
Joaquina I.
Don't read by time/day especialy if you had hard time to commit in reading.
Read by page/day.
You can do 3 pages/day as the minimum or 1 page/day,
And that's your must
And if you read more that's good
And when u are tired or don't feel it then you read the minimum
Laly S.
It totally depends on you. If you really love reading, you will do it daily. But there's no rule. If you want to read only to expand your knowledge and think that reading daily is not a good idea, it's ok.
If you're finding bit hard to read, make a schedule and stick to it. Reserve a time for reading -morning, noon, evening, night – anything. Try to read for half an hour then slowly increase your time.

Happy reading!

Brandie Z.
I try to read every night before I fall asleep. I read until:
1. I am about to pass out
2. I've read for 30 minutes to an hour.
Be careful what you read though, it might appear in your dreams.
Jess Z.
I am trying to get into the habit of reading everyday. It can be a few articles or in a book. I'm trying to get in atleast 30mins first thing, so instead of flipping through social media I read. It's more useful information, far less stressful, and way more enjoyable. I'm developing into a healthier person but dodging the social media bull!
Clinton W.
Reading every day for 30 minutes to 2 hours is the perfect amount, but dont push yourself. If you dont feel like reading one day then you dont have to, although to try and keep up the habit you should probably continue and not skip any days. One thing that I recommend is reading before you sleep. It'll help you fall asleep and read everyday.
M U.
I love reading and neglect it at times. As a mom I read when I can even reread favorite books. There is no perfect amount of minutes or time but find a book that feels like a good sweater or comfy bed. Something you have to pry yourself away from to go back to the real world. Make it something on your list! Happy reading
Austin C.
This is depend on your interest. Increase your study time day by day , this will be great for you. You should read every day. If you are night person read at night or if you are morning person read at early in the morning. Every person have a logic that study at morning is more effective but it is not true , effectiveness of your study is only depends on your focus.
Scot E.
At least 20 minutes at a time, if you can manage it. If you read for an hour or more, make sure you get up and stretch. Also, try to read 2-3 times a week if you’re new to it