How can I regain my habit of reading on the weekends?

Kent S.
Do you work on the weekends? If you do, have a look at your schedule for open time slots where you can bring out your book and complete that habit. If you don't and you're busy for however long, again use your spare down time to read as well as before bed. Reading can be its own type of meditation, so you could double up on habits to get those few extra minutes in as well. Good luck with your reading!
Selbi R.
Make sure that your book or tablet is somewhere visible so your habit will be obvious. Make it easy. And make is satisfying
Lisa E.
I'd probably say, you should put a reminder on your phone or a Post-It somewhere so you can remember. Maybe you can read something from an author you used to love to get back the love of reading
Sylvana S.
You have can read best when you are most energenic. You have to make time free in that period. Go read something you really like.