Do you use herb tea for different physical and mental healing? If yes what 🌿🍡?

Sara Z.
I use herbal tea with specific indication for what they are created. For example I drink relaxing herbal tea on late evening to help me to sleep.
Romina G.
I drink fresh Mint tea or fresh ginger tea during the day to detoxify and prevent diseases and at night I drink an herbal and completely natural relaxing tea called good night sleep from the Dutch brand Zonnatura 🌱β™₯️
Christina N.
Dandelion and mint tea for tummy issues, chamomile for anxiety, mullein tea for upper respiratory ailments…I love lavender tea and am told it it’s used to ease tension, but I just like it, so I drink it.
Rachel X.
Peppermint or ginger for stomach upset – mostly eating too much – and a blend that contains lavender and camomile for relaxing and sleep. I also like lemongrass for mindful sipping for starting things or concentration
Mari P.
I usually drink chamomile with honey for everything, it helps me concentrating and relaxing as well. When I drink tee, I drink green tee and it usually helps me relax too, but not as chamomile does
Bianca O.
Yes I do. I usually drink Green tea in the morning, with jasmine or some Flavour. In the afternoon I drink fruit tea, and before sleep I drink linden, camomile or lavender tea, soothing, calming mixes. And each time I have a Health problem I drink the designated tea for it! I love tea, Can’t do it without! 🀩
Cherly U.
I just use tea in the morning for breakfast and the evening. But if I were to use tea for physical and mental healing, it would be for times when I need to calm myself down, or after a light workout to just take a breather I would use tea. Hopefully this helps. My apologies if it doesn’t.
Lara R.
I use Aloe Vera herbal teas and I also drink a lot of peppermint tea. I also use twinnings Moroccan Mint and Buttermint flavour herbal teabags. If you have any fresh garden mint or fresh spearmint that you have grown in the garden that is perfect for physical and mental healing. Cinnamon tea is also a good one however I’m not sure where you can get the teabags from over here as I got mine in Egypt but you could probably brew your own if you buy some cinnamon sticks. Any kind of green teas are good too, again I use twinnings as there are a lot of flavoured ones.