Why is social media so bad if it’s technically “reading”?

Rico N.
It gives rise to prey. It is false communication. It is easy to hack and ruin reputations. It allows bullying in the worst way and overall depresses a society.
Liv N.
It’s not better or worse than any other type of reading. Just like books, it depends on the quality of the content and if it is having a positive or negative impact on you.
Hannah E.
Because it can make you self conscious and make you feel bad about yourself and you can feel very lonely and can even make you feel depressed if you see everyone living this wonderful life where they are hanging out with their friends while you are left out….
Randall S.
Social Media doesn’t stimulate your mind like reading does. There’s so much judgement on social media, so many views, so many people to compare yourself to and things to want. When you’re reading, you can be in your own little world, and it can be a lot more satisfying than social media.
Raquel F.
It's not bad. It's addicting and a good percentage of what we read on there is fake news or old news. Social media can prevent us from being active and creating better habits for ourselves.
Angelo Y.
In my opinion, the impact of social media has been raised by negative comments and behavior of the people. The young people are looking at that every day, and there are not too many knowledgable stories for them, just a” rich” social life. If we change that in a good way, social media could help us to understand what is happening around us.
Jacky O.
It's addictive. It takes away time from more important tasks that are more important.

I'm meditating now using YouTube because of insomnia.
So, let me use my social media for now.

Olga Y.
You really don't need to compare yourself to others when trying to improve yourself. And most of the time it's fake. Just be the best you you can be. 😊
Wendy Z.
It's not the reading that is bad. It's the unrealistic comparisons to the Instagram and pinterest perfect lives of others. It's the bombardment of information, of advertising, of real news, fake news, bad news, and disinformation. Those are the things that are bad about social media.

Additionally, researchers have found that it is literally addictive. We have the same dopamine response to getting likes on our posts as we do other addictive things.

And lastly, although there are more, especially at night, the blue light interferes with our circadian rhythms and interrupts our sleep cycles.

Donald U.
Because take us from what is more important in life, moments with our family and friends. Study or writing and reading something that we really like. Sometimes we stop to live the real world to stay watching others lifes on a screen.