What is the best to-do list? Any format?

Mariara S.
Just fill one with everything you remember of pick all the papers where you have tasks. Then select just three and make one.
Gail Z.
For me personally, lists do not work. If I write them in my journal, it only gets lost among pages of words with meaning. If I put it in a pad or other written form not attached to my journal or dayplanner, I just lose it. If I put it on my computer or iPhone Reminder App, I just forget to check it. Putting it in the Fabulous App does actually help because I am keeping that App in front of me consistently through the day. It’s easy to open and take a glance. And whereas research shows going from one list item into the next list or item, I am more apt to miss things that way. For me it is much more successful to continue checking in on all lists throughout the day. It doesn’t get lost before me when I do that. The important thing is to figure out what works for you as everyone’s brain has it’s own uniqueness .
Riley G.
I have an App called "Any do" and it works very well with my fabulous app. I use my Anydo app to add exactly what I will be doing in each segment of my time and I can change or alter it very easily. There is a free version so you can check that out first.