Is putting allot of sugar in your tea a bad thing?

Sofia N.
I don’t think so I just think you should consider if you are trying to loose weight that the added sugar won’t help but if that is your goal you should try reducing your sugar intake and one of these ways can be by drinking tea without sugar. I think adding sugar to tea is actually fine if you add a moderate amount and not to much. Also if you tend to have a sweet tooth and add to much you should try substituting sugar for honey or other sweetener alternatives
Eleftheria M.
Yes I agree that is a bad thing and it is something that I do not do. Our daily sugar intake is 26 grams I believe and we are all guilty of consuming more given the fact that we cannot control everything we consume daily.
Basile F.
Probably. Because too much sugar is very bad for you, and besides if you just ad some fresh fruits to the side you’re sure to get all the natural sugars you need!