Do you like to read in actual books, or do you own a e-reader?

Carleen N.
I do actually love to read real books! I love.d going to the library and picking out as many books and movies as I could. I haven't been able to do this in a very long time. Way before this pandemic. I really miss going to the library. It just recently reopened in my state of RI!! I also have a Nook my children bought me like 10 years ago for my birthday. I like to read many different types of books and many different authors. Nora Roberts, James Patterson, Jodi Picoult just to name a few! I like books that teach life lessons and personal and profesdional development! As you can see that is how I get with books like a kid in a candy shop!! I love to read.
Cindy E.
I prefer actual books! I have read some on my iPad though and it was convenient how I could change print size and lighting etc.😊👍🧚🏼
Kevin Z.
I only read actual books. For some reason, I can’t comprehend the text and really enjoy the book if it is on an electronic device. I enjoy reading actual books and being able to turn the page and look at the finely printed pages and detailed cover. It also brings joy just seeing a book next to my bed.
Ilgin N.
I don’t own one but I personally feel fine reading actual books. I like to feel what I’m reading, the texture, the smell and the volume.
Shea C.
I actually like both equally. Ebooks tend to feel like the book is shorter, and a physical copy is just a little more efficient. You can physically see how many more pages are left and it’s comforting in a way.