How do you read something that you are against and that goes beyond your philosophy

Annelies W.
I'm taking the liberty of assuming that this is some sort of required reading (and if not, choose not to read it at all) but if you think that it goes against what you are for, and that your own thinking might be questioned by it, I think it's best to have a broad mind and not object it forefront. I'm not saying change your views, by all means keep believing in what you believe. But if you go into it with a stubborn mind, it might actually have a worse effect than if you were broader in your thinking. Acknowledging that this a thinking against your own but still respecting it is the key, I think. I hope this helps 🙂
A N.
This can be very difficult for me. It’s hard to divert time to something that goes against what you believe. I think it’s important to at least try to approach it as if you had no prior knowledge or opinions. I know it’s hard, but try to listen to what the book has to say and then make an informed decision. It doesn’t have to change your mind. As long as you give it a fair chance you can still disagree. I’d like to add that it can be dangerous to gather an opinion on something you aren’t very well informed on. After you read the book or article or paragraph, I’d suggest doing more research beyond that one piece of material so you can have an informed opinion. I hope this helps!